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SOY: Helps to Fight Cancer

By Rhonda Bolich-Lampo with The WELLthy People

Contrary to popular belief soy is a health builder not destroyer.  Over the years, soy has gotten a bad reputation.   Research shows now (and has shown for years) that soy – grown, harvested, and manufactured the “right” way – is good for you.  Soy is nutrient-rich. 

Statistically speaking from the American Cancer Society, around 42% of the new cancer diagnoses may be avoidable.  They figure 18% is related to lifestyle factors like diet and physical activity. Even the Shanghai Women’s Health Study found that those women who reported eating a high soy diet as adults had lower chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer.     

Say YES to SOY!  

Flavonoids found in plants like soy help cell health.  More specifically Isoflavones – the dominant flavonoid found in soy – are starting to show protection against hormone related cancers. Researchers think Isoflavones can help regulate estrogen hormone levels in the body when the levels are high and low.  Soy is rich in nutrients of which we are only beginning to discover the benefits. 

Speaking from my own personal experience, I only experienced 2 maybe 3 days of menopausal symptoms after a hysterectomy.  My surgeon and I talked about my soy intake over my lifetime.  In her opinion, soy is what kept my menopausal symptoms to just a few days. Very manageable compared to months and years of restless nights, hot flashes, and mood swings.   She felt my symptoms would be over and they have been.  Thank you, Dr. Shaklee, for the purest form of soy (isoflavones) on the market today.  

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Written by Rhonda Bolich-Lampo