Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about how our employee benefit plan for healthy living works?  We’ll answer them here!

If you have a question not answered below, CONTACT US!


Is this insurance?

No... nor is it a replacement for medical insurance programs. We complement other employee benefit programs you offer that do NOT cover healthy living services or education.

Is this an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Not by the Society for Human Resource Management‘s definition of an EAP: An employee assistance program (EAP) is a work-based intervention program designed to assist employees in resolving personal problems that may be adversely affecting the employee’s performance.

➦ EAPs are reactionary… something negative has to occur in one’s life to activate the benefits. At You Define Wellness, we’re more of an EAWP… Employer Assisted Wellness Program (don’t Google to see who else offers this type of program, we just made it up). With our program, we understand if you are taking care of yourself consistently then you are more prepared to handle things with something bad happens. We’re about offering the tools, instruction and resources for self-care and healthy living.

What Return on Investment (ROI) can we expect?

We can provide you with statistics that are widely available on the internet, but in some cases we question their validity and in all cases they are not indicative of the uniqueness of your company. Your ROI must be set based on YOUR goals! If your goal is to reduce turnover (as an example), that is the benchmark we’ll set to evaluate your program’s effectiveness at the end of the first plan year.

➦ Example – One construction company that was a consulting client only had two goals: 1. get their employees to stop smoking and 2. eat healthier. Our recommended actions were not to simply bring in smoking cessation tools and lectures, but to focus on healthy education topics in alignment with their outside of work activities and interests.

➦ Two suggestions we made were to bring in mindfulness and meditation classes (more than 1/3 of their employees were interested) with an instructor who is trained in self-hypnosis techniques, and cooking classes with a health coach who could demonstrate healthy cooking while camping (100% of employees were interested).


What type of wellness classes do you offer?

This may be flip of us to say as a reply, but what do you want? With experts in more than 130 healing modalities and in ALL dimensions of wellbeing, we can deliver most any type of education class you need!

How do you decide what classes to bring in?

We’ll work with you to deliver what you want, but we find the included employee survey we do at the beginning of our relationship will help us custom design programs that employees will actually want to participate in.

What is the Employee Survey and do we have to do it?

You can opt out – which will reduce the monthly fee – but we recommend we go through the process. We’ll ask questions in a confidential online survey about wellness interests, but we go a step further and ask about outside-of-work activities and interests. When we can design a topic around what employees like to do outside of work, participation increases.

We’ve tried employee surveys and employees ignore them. What makes you think you’ll have better luck?

We recognize that more than half of the employees will NOT take the survey, but the odds increase when it is conducted by a 3rd party source with confidential responses.

Can you describe the Wellness Fairs?

Certainly! At the beginning of your plan year we’ll schedule a virtual wellness fair for your employees. This can be for all staff to introduce them to the benefit plan options you’ve selected prior to enrollment, or just for those who have signed up post enrollment.Each virtual wellness fair is different and 100% designed for your company, but there are similarities:

➦ We’ll have a short presentation about the benefits you’ve selected with questions and answers.

➦ We’ll host virtual wellness experiences with our network providers. These are breakout rooms where employees can experience a healing modality and ask questions. This is a fantastic opportunity for your employees to get to know our providers.

Towards the end of your plan year we’ll host a live in-person wellness fair at your location for enrolled employees – assuming all parties are comfortable in doing so in this COVID world we live in. A fee may be assessed for non-enrolled employee participation.


What is included in the PLAN IT category?

Three things are included:

➦ Completion of a confidential individual assessment. The assessment will ask questions covering all eight dimensions of wellbeing: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, social/belonging, intellectual, occupational and environmental.

➦ A one-on-one 90-minute consultation with a You Define Wellness certified Wellness PathFinder to discuss the assessment and help plan the next steps to take. Note: if the monthly option is selected, quarterly meetings with the Wellness PathFinder are included.

➦ A Healthy Living Savings Card to receive discounts on products and services.

Why is the assessment an important tool?

In our experience, people sign up for our employee benefit plans with the best of intention and excitement to try healing modalities that are new to them. However, overwhelm with not knowing where to start can hit when the time comes to actually schedule services. The Wellness PathFinder will help sort out the options and help the individual create a game plan for moving forward.


Are spending account dollars restricted to You Define Wellness network providers?

Yes. If finding a care provider you want is a challenge, we’re rapidly expanding our network of providers and type of services. Check back frequently, contact us for help finding a caregiver, or nominate your current caregiver to our network (see below).

Are out-of-network benefits available?

Our plan design is centered around our network providers as our vetting process includes a background check. Out-of-network providers can be added to your contract as allowable, HOWEVER, the rule of Caveat Emptor prevails.

How do employees get money out of their Wellness Spending Account if they no longer want to use it, particularly post-employment?

They can continue to use their Wellness Spending Account debit card for services. Post-employment, they can also continue using the card and the monthly administration fee will be deducted from their account OR we can put a provision in your contract that funds will be disbursed to them via ACH or PayPal.

Can we - or our employees - nominate providers to add to the list and how do we do that?

Absolutely plan participants can nominate their current providers! Simply CONTACT US with their contact information and we’ll reach out to them. They’ll need to join our network and pass our background check; once this has been done, we’ll notify the plan participant who nominated them that they are now in-network.

What about adding different types of services than what is currently available?

If what you do is deemed ‘wellness’ in your definition of it and is legal under state and national law, we are happy to consider other types of healing modalities. Simply contact us to discuss your needs.

Will we know what services employees are using?

No, that is confidential information and will not be shared.

LPD FAQs December 14, 2021