Employer Solutions

Corporate Wellness has never been so easy!

Corporate wellness doesn’t have to be time consuming, complicated, or even from a central location! You Define Wellness offers a variety of solutions to meet corporate wellness initiatives based on employee education and affordable access to healthy living resources.  #WFH or at the office… You Define Wellness delivers!

Corporate Solutions from You Define Wellness


We offer weekly healthy living education programs via Facebook Live, Zoom, or at the workplace.  Encourage employees to join one of our pre-scheduled classes or let’s create one for your workplace!

Employee Benefits

Wellness isn’t ‘wellness’ if it’s not done on a regular basis… that’s why our employee benefit plans include access to the healthy living services of the employee’s choice!

Resource Center

Visit the Wellness Center on our website for hundreds of resources from recorded videos, downloadable articles, free initial consultations, and our comprehensive directory of vetted providers.

HR Support

Join our monthly Conversations in the Workplace series with Lorie Reichel-Howe for support with healthy workplace communications and relationships.

Employee Benefit Offerings

No one offers an employee benefit plan designed for HEALTHY LIVING... except You Define Wellness!

We're not your typical corporate wellness program provided to all employees; we are an opt-in plan so you're only supporting those employees who are actively striving for happy, healthy, and thriving lives!

We have re-designed our employee benefit offerings and have launched a new option for 2022:

Workplace wellness has never been easier!

Our benefit plan has three components:

  • Healthy living education (LEARN IT);
  • Individualized planning for where an employee is at and where they want to go (PLAN IT); and,
  • Individual health & wellness services of choice (DO IT).

All options are fully customizable!  Schedule a consultation to learn more about this plan.


Let’s talk!

We created programs that have not previously been available in the workplace and we understand you may have questions.

All of our programs are customizable to meet your needs; if you do not see what you want, simply ask. We have the power of an extensive network of passionate health & wellness professionals to tap into and help make your corporate wellness vision a reality.

Sign up for a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs.

The simplest solution...

The Healthy Living Savings Card by You Define Wellness is the EASIEST and most COST EFFECTIVE way to support employees in their quest of living happy, healthy & thriving lives!

  • Discounts on health & wellness products & services;
  • FREE admission to semi-annual WellFAIRS and WellTalks by You Define Wellness;
  • 50% savings on WellWORKSHOPS by You Define Wellness.

The Healthy Living Savings Card is a ONE-TIME EXPENSE, never expires, and can be used by all family members.

Employer Solutions July 27, 2021