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Our goal is to place all the information you need for a successful career with You Define Wellness in one easy-to-navigate venue… and our website was the most logical place to host our training portal as it already contains a great deal of knowledge.  We have sectioned the areas of knowledge for your convenience; within each section you may find links to other pages.

About Us

Our story – the story of how You Define Wellness came to be – is probably the most important message we can share in the community.  Our founder, Denise O’Malley, sat down in front of her computer one day and recorded the story. It’s not fancy, and it was recorded during the remodeling of her office, but it’s packed with passion and purpose.  Click here to watch it.

Our Mission:

To support an individuals’ journey on their path to experiencing happy, healthy & thriving lives through education opportunities and affordable access to the care that defines wellness for themselves using our vetted network of healthy living practitioners.

Almost everyone asks the best way to explain You Define Wellness.  What we do is simple.  We start with a network of health & wellness professionals and because of that network we can deliver products and services to help people live healthy lives.

Here’s another way to say it:

You Define Wellness is a vetted network of healthy living professionals representing more than 130 different modalities like acupuncture, nutrition, massage, fitness and energy healing.  With a network we can deliver an employer subsidized benefit program, a discount savings card for individuals, and a robust catalog of wellness education speakers who are experts in their field.


Each provider completes an application to become part of our provider network and we ask questions about their background, lawsuits, convictions, malpractice, etc.  But we don’t stop there.  Applicants undergo a criminal background search, license review for disciplinary actions & stipulations, business filings with Secretary of State, and an online reputation review.

While consumers should not base their decision to work with a provider on the understanding that we have completed a review, it does provide a certain degree of comfort in knowing we do not accept everyone.


As an Independent Contractor, you’re the boss at You Define Wellness!  We’ll provide the platform, products, training, and certain tools for your business… you decide how, when and where you get clients.


Why have a business plan?

As we said, ‘you’re the boss’.  You are an independent contractor and therefore in business for yourself.  A business plan can be comprehensive and in depth, or scribbled on one sheet of paper.  Think of it as a road map to set goals… and identify how you’re going to achieve those goals.  We recommend everyone on our sales team develop a business plan and – if you’re so inclined – share it!

Setting Goals

In order to set your goals, you need to answer two questions…

    • How much income do you require/want/need in the next 12 months?
    • How many days per week are you willing to work?

Calculating Effort Required to Achieve Goals

In order to figure out the activities you need to include in your business plan you need to know what your close rate is, estimate the business mix rate (what you’ll be selling), and other data.  You can do this manually, or we’ve created a calculator to help guide you.  You’ll find it in the Units section of our private Facebook page for team members.  If you are contracted to be on our sales team, click here to join.  If you are NOT currently contracted on our sales team, your request to join the page will not be granted.  Contact us… we’ll help get you contracted!

National Team Meetings

We have online team meetings for all across the country on Monday mornings at 10am mountain time, with product/deep dive trainings on Friday mornings at 10am mst.  All are welcome to join.  Check our team Facebook page for the link information.

One-on-one Support 

One-on-one support is always available!  This can be in the form of field training, role playing, questions/answers, telephone support, online joint calls, etc.  Start with your Team Leader and if you need more help, contact the National Sales Director (currently Denise O’Malley).

Benefits of Being on our Sales Team

Your career with You Define Wellness is 100% what you make it!  You can go anywhere in our organization as long as it makes business sense to do so.

The step above where you are entering our organization – as an independent sales contractor – is TEAM LEADER.  You can build your own sales team by introducing others to the same opportunity you have, and receive an override on their sales!  There are no limits to how large of a sales team you can build, and your team members can also become Team Leaders.

Please note: we are not a multi-level marketing company so you will not receive overrides except on your direct recruits.

As we grow, other opportunities will be opened in Provider Relations, Marketing, Director of Operations, State Directors, and more… plus we have the flexibility to create positions when it makes sense to do so.

Also note: we are NOT a franchise organization therefore NO ONE will be able to buy their way into our sales management team.  All sales managers will start right where you are today… as an independent contractor on a sales agreement.

After contracting your first employer or provider, you are entitled to receive a Healthy Living Savings Card for your personal use… this is a $49.50 retail value.

PLUS… you can purchase additional Healthy Living Savings Cards at wholesale pricing of $20 to sell at fairs, expos, networking meetings, etc.


  • You must not sell the HLSC for more than retail value. 


NOTE: Failure to adhere to the pricing above can be grounds for termination of your contract.

The pricing stated above supersedes and replaces any previously announced wholesale pricing structures as of this date: 01/27/2020.

Many of our team members are also healthy living practitioners, and we want to acknowledge your commitment to both.  Sales team members can join the You Define Wellness network for $250 after contracting your first employer or provider… that’s a 50% discount off the $500 one-time joining fee.  You will not earn a commission on your own application.

Why are we charging you?  Quite frankly, it’s because we’ve been taken advantage of in the past.  During our formation we cut super sweet deals with people who wished to be on our sales team and also have a provider profile… many of whom never brought business to us yet will continue to have business exposure via our network and other opportunities.

Your Toolbox

We use Zoom for our email platform and will assign you a youdefinewellness.com email address unless you request otherwise.

Your investment: zero

Our contracted Sales Team members have free access to HubSpot, our database containing thousands of names – and email addresses – that we’ve collected of healthy living practitioners, employers, and other decision makers… most of which are available for prospecting.

HubSpot is a valuable tool to help you stay organized and to record notes and history.

Your investment: Zero

As an independent contractor for You Define Wellness, we encourage you to purchase business cards.  We have several resources to purchase them from or you can order them on your own with a template we provide to you.

Discuss with YDW management the options to determine what is best for you.

NOTE: We are looking into platforms where you can purchase all YDW supplies and marketing materials as you wish; we will notify you when this option is available.

Your investment: printing costs

We have two MeetUp brands:

Healthy Living Practitioners – This is an exclusive group for only those who work in a healthy living field and is – essentially – a way for us to meet potential new providers.  Many of the events are online, and we’re always looking for more in-person events.

As a team member, we encourage you to  establish your own MeetUp meetings within our group.  We currently have MeetUp pages for Denver (CO), Ft. Collins (CO), Fresno/Clovis (CA), and Madison (WI).  We will set up more as needed if it makes good business sense to do so as this is a cost to You Define Wellness.

The Wellness Experience – This MeetUp is a place for healthy living practitioners to promote their own events to the community as those who join the MeetUp group are people interested in living a healthy lifestyle. We currently have MeetUp pages for Denver (CO) and Fresno/Clovis (CA).

Your investment for hosting a MeetUp within our MeetUps: Zero for the right to do so.

For both groups… Members of the MeetUp can promote their own events, although they have to do the work by requesting organizer privileges to post.

We have three Facebook pages:

  • Our public page
  • A private page for our Sales Team: Only contracted team members can join.  There you will find training units, team meetings, and open discussion.
  • A private page for You Define Wellness network providers: Only accepted network providers and our sales team members can join.  It’s a place to post announcements, open discussion, and more.

Your investment: zero

Why are we putting the information below here? Because our provider network is the heart and soul of You Define Wellness and is integral to our infrastructure. It's also where almost all our sales team starts... by helping build our network of healthy living professionals.

Healthy Living Practitioner / Network Provider

Throughout these pages we use the term, “Healthy Living Practitioner”.

Here’s why… in the past we’ve used terms like alternative & holistic provider or health care provider.  Neither seemed quite correct.

We even went so far as to do a poll on social media about what they prefer and the responses were widely varied.

In the interest of keeping things simple, we decided to go with HEALTHY LIVING PRACTITIONER  – and sometimes PROVIDER when referring to our network – even though some were opposed to us using either!

Bottom line… we can’t make everyone happy.

You Define Wellness does not exist without a network of healthy living professionals… and the more we have in our network, the more appealing we will be to employers and individuals looking for what we offer!  Our goal is to have 1,000 providers – on average – in every state in the USA, ensuring incredible room for growth for our sales team for many years to come.

It’s important to note that we are NOT capping the number of providers who can join… not by state, geographic area, or modality.

And with offering so many modalities, your prospect pool is virtually unlimited and you are free to recruit providers anywhere in the United States!  We are not adding providers outside of the U.S. at this time.


Almost any independent professional who holds themselves out as helping others lead happy, healthy & thriving lives will qualify to be in our network… but there are a few requirements:

  • All products and services must be legal under federal law.
  • If applicable, applicant must be licensed and in good standing according to relevant state regulations and licensure requirements to perform services.
  • Applicant must pass our due diligence investigation including a criminal background check on the owners.  A negative entry on the criminal background check is not necessarily grounds for rejection; it does, however, require additional discovery by us.
    • For healthy living businesses with employees: We do not run background checks on employees and the responsibility is on the business owner to ensure they are hiring credible staff.
    • For healthy living businesses with independent contractors as staff:  We prefer all independent contractors submit their own application with us.  We will offer a discount when a practice is a cluster of independent contractors.  However, the group can sign up as one business; the primary owner of the business/practice accepts responsibility as if all are employees as above.
  • For services, applicant must be authorized to set their own rates – including discounts.
  • We prefer an office or public meeting place outside of applicants home out of concern for their safety.  However, we are not a stickler for this with the exception of any service that requires disrobing (i.e. massage therapy).  When in doubt, ask.
  • Direct sales organizations, multi-level marketing companies, and franchises have specific requirements noted below.


We are not opposed to allowing healthy living franchises (ie massage, chiropractic, optometric) to our network, but there are difficulties in doing so.  Many franchises have computer systems in place that will prohibit accepting You Define Wellness, and communication with their staff may not be consistent causing us customer service issues.  Plus many franchises are owned by investors, not healthy living professionals. There are, of course, exceptions for everything and have created a basic policy for franchises:

  • All acceptance guidelines listed above apply.
  • The franchise owner should be a wellness practitioner who would qualify to join our network if independent.


  • Representatives of direct selling organizations and multi-level marketing companies sell products, and therefore will not typically qualify to receive clients on the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan as that program focuses on clients receiving services.
  • To offer products on the Healthy Living Savings Card, the applicant must be able to offer a discount on the product.
  • We do NOT want 1,000 essential oil representatives (as an example) so – AND THIS IS CRITICAL TO UNDERSTAND – we are limiting one direct sales/MLM representative per geographic area.  That may be defined as a state OR municipality.  PRIOR APPROVAL FROM DENISE O’MALLEY IS MANDATORY… do not solicit an application without prior approval.
  • We have two contracts in place with tight restrictions: DoTerra (essential oil) and Juice Plus (food supplement).  *** Obtain approval from Denise O’Malley prior to soliciting an application from anyone in either of these companies or categories. ***


The fee to join You Define Wellness, as stated in our contract, is $500.

This is a one-time fee… it is NOT a recurring monthly or annual fee.

We set a one-time fee to show providers that we are not in the business of recruiting providers; our business model is the products we offer.

Discounts on the joining fee ARE typically available, and you can request a new one be created at any time although thought must be given as to why and how much.  To request a specific discount code, discuss with your Team Leader or Denise O’Malley.

We offer our network provider far more than the potential for new clients at rates they set… we provide business exposure opportunities, discounts, and more.

The next three tabs will talk about business visibility and what we offer to help them obtain new clients beyond the products we offer employers.

Check out the website page we’ve set up that goes into more detail of most of the available benefits to our network providers: Click here.

Many independent healthy living practitioners are hungry for a sense of community… and we’re striving to fulfill that need.

  • Through our private Facebook page for network providers;
  • Through our online/in-person MeetUp activities; and,
  • Through events we create.

This community is a huge benefit of being part of You Define Wellness as most all community-building activities are FREE to members of our network!

Our wellness education catalog is the perfect place to post classes our network providers are willing to conduct in the workplace!

To create a class, network providers need to complete a form on our website.  The form is located in the bottom menu on every page on our site under “Update Provider Profile & Wellness Education” and select “Add a class to the Onsite Education Catalog”.  Each class is created by the provider; while we have some generic classes listed already, they are not available to change to a specific provider.

After we upload the class, we will create a social media post (see sample at right) and L.I.F.T. it up by placing the post on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

We ask network providers to share our posts on their social media.

The Healthy Living Library is a section on our website dedicated to videos we have created with our network providers, videos our network providers have created for themselves, and informational materials our providers wish to share (ie e-books, articles, etc.).

We have several pre-set themes:

An added benefit is videos we record will be placed on our YouTube channel!

Any network provider can schedule at any time a Zoom video call to record a video by getting on Denise’s calendar.  Click here for the link.

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