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Network Member News!

Learn how to Improve your Store!

Live Training on August 15th

In preparation of a major account coming on board, I have a lot of clean up and re-organizing to do on our website with your products and services in order to get you maximum visibility. We'll set up options and re-organize, but everyone will be responsible for making sure they are properly represented in the filters we're setting up (we cannot read your minds, you will need to do this).
To help, we'll make available training videos.

On August 15th, we'll be recording the training videos and have decided to open up the time we're recording for those who want to learn it live. (The recorded videos could take a few days to make them available to you).
Below you'll find a schedule of what we will be recording and when... feel free to pop in during the day. ➡➡ While recording, we will ONLY be answering questions about the topic we're recording.

We'll be on season 2 of The Better Your Business Show!

The Better Your Business Show - an internet based show featured on all major podcast channels - has invited You Define Wellness to have a 4-minute wellness spot on each of their 12-episodes for season 2!

Our segment will be titled "Building a Better You" and we've decided to share the time with our network providers.

If you're interested in doing a talk for up to 3-minutes about some aspect of wellbeing (not a sales pitch), get on our calendar!

Personal Development Program for ESC

2nd Wednesday of each month at 10am & 6pm MT

As the Personal Development partner for the Entrepreneurial Success Consortium, we've been asked to host a monthly wellbeing program for their members.

This will happen at 10am & 5pm MT on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and we're looking for volunteers to participate in a panel discussion and lead break out rooms.

If you are interested in participating and getting great business exposure, LET US KNOW!

Provider FAQs for the new Healthy Living & Wellbeing Plan

Visit the Provider FAQ page to learn more about the new Healthy Living & Wellbeing Plan. NOTE: you must be logged in to view this page; if you still cannot access after logging in, contact us.





How to Set Up - and Enhance - your You Define Wellness 'Store'

As you know, our platform is not just a business listing. Our platform allows you to built a complete storefront to showcase you!

This FREE e-learning course will walk you through the steps to have a dynamic 'storefront' that gets attention.

PLUS... you'll learn how to add your speaker/podcast guest sheet, news articles, videos, and more.


We've started adding speaker sheets to our stores - this is a way for you to get greater exposure as visitors to our site come to find wellness educators!

We've added a how-to module to the training mentioned above to walk you through the steps to add your speaker sheet! You'll find it in the Getting Business Exposure module.


Capture part of a $325 BILLION market!

Sales of e-learning programs are projected to increase to over $325 BILLION within 3 years... and we want to help you participate by adding an e-learning platform to our website!

If you are interested in adding an e-learning course to your store, CONTACT US. We need to assign you instructor level access.

Upon giving you instructor level access, you'll automatically be added to a Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting e-learning course to help guide you through setting up your course successfully!


Be seen by Members of the Healthy Living & Wellbeing Plan

We are going to start offering FREE Master Classes to members of our Healthy Living & Wellbeing Plan, and this is your opportunity to get in front of them live!
These talks are 15-20 minute talks of your choosing allowing time at the end for Q&A. We will also be offering the programs to the general public for a minimal fee to cover our admin costs. Your guests can attend for free.
If you’d like to create and deliver a Master Class, select your date/time on the calendar link below. Make sure you provide the title of the talk and a short description on the calendar form.
You cannot select a date less than 7 days out which gives us time to promote your talk and create the graphics.
Providers November 1, 2021