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The Spiritual Healer

The Spiritual Healer
Dagmar Oktabcova
Based in Lakewood, CO 80215
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As an International Clairvoyant Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Author and Speaker I've been in the healing practice for over 15 years and have successfully helped hundreds of people improve their lives in many different ways.

I specialize in Quantum Healing, Akashic Field Healing, and Multi-Dimensional Healing. I facilitate deep integrative and transformational soul work, including present and past life regressions and soul repair.

My work is based on the understanding that the more whole we are as a being, unencumbered by pain, and aligned with our true essence, the more optimal we function in all areas of our lives.

In my unique approach, I take you on your personal journey into the depths of your own subconscious mind and the deeper parts of yourself, where you have probably never been, including your own present and past life memories, and help you reconcile deep within yourself.

In my distinctive healing methodology I am able to target a specific issue/s or challenge/s you are dealing with by utilizing the reality mirror and identifying and resolving the issue deep within yourself at its very core.

The change occurs on the smallest molecular level in your mental, emotional and ethereal body and on a cellular level within your physical body. This powerful type of healing also has a ripple effect into the world around you, as well as other people's behavior toward you.

I can help you achieve a positive change in any of these areas:

Relationships (also Twin Flames), Mental Health, Physical Health, Money & Success, as well as Personal Development.
...including chronic pain, or any chronic and/or persistent health situations where western medicine can't find a problem, fear, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, heart breaks, dysfunctional patterns or situations, soul purpose, embracing your divine gifts, self-empowerment, etc. The opportunities are vast in terms of what this type of spiritual healing can achieve.

We create our reality and all our experiences from within. Therefore we must change our reality from within.

I may not be able to mend your broken leg, but I may be able to help you fix whatever may have caused you to break it in the first place.
...and if after your leg has mended you keep experiencing pain for no apparent reason, I can help you fix that as well. Unfortunately, our body/mind remembers pain. These pain memories can be re-stimulated and your body doesn't know the difference between real pain and phantom pain. It all feels like pain. I'm sure you have heard of people losing a limb and experiencing pain in their non-existent limb. This type of pain can be permanently released through the subconscious mind.

I now also teach Quantum Healing, my soul wisdom and unique approach to healing that yields amazing results. Please inquire about my unique programs for "Healing The Healer" and "Training The Healer".

WHAT GIVES US JOY ABOUT THE WORK WE DO: It gives me tremendous joy when I can help you create a miracle or two, help you achieve the result or change you are seeking, help you create that inner peace, help you understand the depths of your own inner self, and help you connect with your spiritual self and the amazing inner power you possess.

It also gives me tremendous joy to teach, to pass on my wisdom and to help you take your business as a healer to a whole new level.

Much love,
Other than English, we speak: Other
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COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES: 20 min complimentary phone consultation for new clients
SERVICES OFFERED: For the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan...
Initial Session; Evaluation & Healing (3 hrs): $240 + 1 YDW code; OR apply to accrue sessions/codes
Individual Healing Session (90 min): $90 + 1 YDW code; OR $30 + 2 YDW codes
Twin Flame Consultation (60 min): $40 + 1 YDW code
Couples Reading (60 min): $40 + 1 YDW code
General Intuitive Reading (30 min): FREE + 1 YDW code; OR (60 min): $40 + 1YDW code
Services Comments: Inquire about discounted packages and training programs. Provider is fluent in German & Czech
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HEALTHY LIVING SAVINGS CARD - Discount offered: 10% off on initial 3 hour session; Evaluation & Healing, with Healthy Living Savings Card; not to be combined with any other discounts or special offers
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We help / support clients with...: Addiction, Allergies, Anxiety, Chronic Medical Conditions, Depression, Feeling Stuck, Fertility, Finding Wellness Path, Finding Yourself, Grief, Headaches, Intimacy, Pain, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Sexual Identity, Sleep, Spirituality, Stress, Success, Trauma/PSTD
Our training includes...: Holistic/New Age Therapies 

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