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Purely Living Wellness, LLC

Purely Living Wellness, LLC
Rita Shimniok
Madison, WI area but works with clients throughout the U.S.
Available as a Wellness Speaker for the workplace or community groups: Check out this provider's speaking topics in the Wellness Speakers section of our website!
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We see health holistically. Life starts with information, which guides energy, which becomes organized matter. Our technology, therapies, and philosophy take all of these into account, as we measure and correct fields that drive physiology and encourage lifestyle choices that support good health. If you decide to utilize our services we will do our very best in serving you to work towards your vitality goals. We firmly believe that our bodies are designed to re-ease into balance when we address factors prohibiting optimal health at the cellular level.

At Purely Living Wellness we utilize the Qest4 system developed by Galloway Enterprises, which is the most sophisticated and accurate bio-resonance system in the functional medicine industry. It combines the technologies of bio-feedback, electro-thermal screening, and frequency testing. We do not treat "dis-ease" but instead, "re-ease" the body back into proper balance allowing cells to function as they ought. Qest4 MSA scans are a powerful tool in unlocking “the mysteries of the human cells” and discovering specific energetic frequencies in the body. Often overlooked is the emotional side of dis-ease. The Qest4 system identifies emotions, of which we may not even be aware, contributing to a physical imbalance in relative parts of the body.

We work with people throughout the United States utilizing DNA samples of hair, nails and/or saliva that is mailed to us. Scan results are provided in PDF format and re-balancing remedies are mailed to the client.

WHAT GIVES US JOY ABOUT THE WORK WE DO: Knowing that I am making a difference in people's lives, one individual or one family at a time. My work is not a "job", but my God-directed purpose, and that brings joy. My desire is to help people enjoy their families and the best way to do that is to be balanced through mind, body and soul.
Education: MSA Technician Certification
Professional Certifications: Certified Meridian Stress Assessment Technician - Natural Solutions PHC, Athens GA
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COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES: 15 minute free phone consultation to see if Purely Living Wellness is a fit for you.
SERVICES OFFERED: For the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan...
PLW Complete Wellness Bio-Resonance Scan Package
$115 + 1 YDW code initial; $150 follow up for adults (can accrue YDW codes to reduce cost) which include 3 scans included in the wellness protocol, and a re-balancing remedy.
Complete Wellness Packages for children: $40 + 1 YDW code (youth pre-puberty) / $15 + 1 YDW code (infants-age 2)
Complete Wellness Packages for pets: $40 + 1 YDW code (canine, feline, equine, bovine)
Qest4 Emotional Detox Protocol - $20 + 1 YDW code (for release of up to three emotions with nominal fee for additional emotions.) The Qest4 system identifies how many emotions an individual is ready to release in their sub-conscience. A PDF is provided with factors for each emotion with instructions for releasing, and a re-balancing remedy.
Wellness Consultation services $40 + 1 YDW code/hour. This may include lifestyle education, product research, advocacy - such as questions you might ask your physician at your next appointment.
Services Comments: Complete Wellness Scan Package includes the following:
1. Comprehensive/causal chain scan and all scans directed by the comprehensive
2. Optimal supplement scan
3. Main Body Info Scan – determines imbalances in amino acids, enzymes, hormones and structural – such as teeth and vertebrae

Please note that all scans are a treatment in of themselves, and include a re-balancing remedy. The frequencies, or signatures, are imprinted into a liquid medium or quartz crystal that is mailed to the client for a USPS flat-rate fee. In-person appointments should expect a time frame of 90 minutes to two hours.

We also provide stand-alone scans for $50 service fee, including:
- CBD (over 60 CBD oils are programmed into our Qest system to help choose the product your body will most benefit from)
- Allergen/Phenolic Sensitivities
- Female or Male Issues
- Lyme
- Complete Pregnancy Support
- And more...

Pre-natal and pregnancy specialized scans available - please inform us if you may be pregnant.
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HEALTHY LIVING SAVINGS CARD - Discount offered: 10% discount on Qest4 Bio-resonance Complete Wellness Scan package for children, pets or yourself with Healthy Living Savings Card; not to be combined with any other discounts or special offers
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We help / support clients with...: Allergies, Anxiety, Cancer, Chronic Medical Conditions, Eating Healthy, Hormones, Pain, Pre/Postnatal, Weight Loss
Our training includes...: Animal Healing, Biofeedback, Health Coaching, Health Tests/Evaluations

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