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Mental Health and Peace

Mental Health and Peace
Robert A. Sanders
Based in Colorado Springs, CO 80923; works with clients via phone / internet
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Shortly after I was born in Germany, my mother gave me to a caregiver for 5 years, then reclaimed me only to give me up for adoption to another family a year later. When I came to America at age 10, I could barely speak English, didn’t fit in and had a hard time in school. I am a retired U.S. Army Veteran and I spent 20 years in the military living all over the world, witnessing many disturbing events, experiencing relationships come and go. After 5 years of being a caregiver to my late wife Caryn, who passed away from cancer, I was left with pain, anger, fear, depression, and issues of rejection, abandonment, and isolation. I was an emotional mess and knew it was time for a change. In my search for relief, I discovered EFT and then FasterEFT. I kept working on myself, studied and became a Level 4 Advanced Eutaptics Practitioner.
I am no longer bothered by triggers and I am really enjoying life now.

WHAT GIVES US JOY ABOUT THE WORK WE DO: I truly enjoy working with clients that suffer from a variety of emotional struggles, PTSD, abuse, shame, and much more. Together we work as a team to directly address the root of the problem and clear out the emotions. Using Eutaptics techniques we go further to rewrite the painful memory into a more pleasant experience. During the session we continue to check to verify that changes are happening and at the end of the session we review what we have accomplished to make sure we have achieved our stated goals to clear out the problem and painful experience. I also take time to teach my clients how to incorporate Self-Care techniques into their daily routine to minimize response to triggers and other memories that may come up. When we are done with the session and my client feels GREAT, I feel great too.
Professional Certifications: Certified Advanced Level 4 Eutaptics Practitioner, Certified EFT Practitioner. Certifications verify my training in how the mind works and techniques used to guide the client to address the emotional turmoil, abuse, and pains. I am certified in Levels 1-4 from 2016 - 2018 and studied at the Skills to Change Institute located in Oklahoma City, OK.
Comments/Additional Information: Eutaptics sessions to transform adverse lifetime experiences is not a typical weekly or monthly therapy that lasts for years. A session directly addresses the root of the problem and clears it out. it is gone. We work together as a team to find and clear as many problems as we can. I teach you self care techniques so that you can manage how you respond to triggers. Our goal is to clear all your triggers in order to live an emotional intelligent life free from shame, anger, sadness, and limiting beliefs. You deserve this don't you? Call me now for a FREE consultation and let's schedule your first session.
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COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES: All initial 20 minute consultations are FREE and provides the client a solid understanding of the session process and gives us an opportunity to develop rapport and trust. Unlike other modalities of treatment, Eutaptics sessions are meant to clear out emotional clutter and suffering as quickly as possible. I teach every client how to use Self-Care techniques to manage triggers that may come up between sessions. There is no additional charge for the educational part ofthe session.
SERVICES OFFERED: For the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan...
Initial consultation (2 hrs): $140 + 1 YDW code; OR $80 + 2 YDW codes
3 sessions (6 hour package): $440 + 1 YDW code - can apply to accrue sessions to reduce cost. This is an 18% discount off retail rates.
Ask about pricing for other packages
Services Comments: I offer client sessions to clear out painful memories and emotions resulting from adverse life experiences. I have worked with several clients to successfully address their weight loss goals and self esteem concerns. It takes a lifetime to get to where you are now and have gathered a " lifetime of experiences". As you can imagine, we will not clear out a lifetime of negative emotional experiences from abuse, shame, and self limiting beliefs in one session. While I offer single sessions, the greatest impact is to schedule at least 3 sessions.
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HEALTHY LIVING SAVINGS CARD - Discount offered: 25% discount on 3 session package with the Healthy Living Savings Card; cannot be combined with any other special offers or discounts
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  • Mental Health and Peace

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