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Meditate Madison

Meditate Madison
Deborah Phelps
621 N. Sherman Ave, Suite B11
Madison, WI 53704
Where I work with clients: At my office
THIS PROVIDER ACCEPTS: Employee Wellness Benefit Plan, Healthy Living Savings Card (discount card)
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Your Path to Peace & Purpose
Through Mind, Body & Spirit Modalities

We believe our mission is to provide a serene, safe, and welcoming space where clients can explore various methods of relaxation and inspiration. We offer meditation, mindfulness, yoga, spiritual, energy healing, and wellness modalities to help participants develop their own personal practice. Be it in a class or private sessions, we are here to assist students and clients on their journey to inner peace step by step. Through the transformation that mind, body, and spirit modalities bestow, students can create a calm and peaceful mind, an open and compassionate heart, and a feeling of self-acceptance in their lives. Thus, integrating and healing the mind, body, and spirit.

WHAT GIVES US JOY ABOUT THE WORK WE DO: As a lifelong learner, I appreciate learning various meditation techniques. I am open to new and exciting approaches to a practice that has graced my life since the age of 16.

As one who has had tragedies in her life, I take joy in inspiring others to transform, heal and bring inner peace into their lives. I will share my many years of knowledge, wisdom and experience with you to help you to define your own path. I merely light the way. I know meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques and healing modalities continued to help me to heal over the years. I am committed to assisting you in bringing the same transformation into your life so you may experience a steady calm and sense of peace.
-- Deb Phelps, C.MI, MMT, RYT
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COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES: Free 20 minute initial consultation
FREE PLUS REDEEM 1 YDW CODE: Meditation Instruction
Sound Energy Healing
Ataana Method Energy Healing
Mind-Body-Spirit Coaching
$20 or less with 1 YDW code: Deep Relaxation Immersion Experience: $15 + redeem 1 YDW code
HEALTHY LIVING SAVINGS CARD: 20% discount with Healthy Living Savings Card; cannot be combined with any other offers or special discounts.
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Professional Certifications: Transformational Meditation, Transformational Meditation Institute, 2011
Certified Meditation Instructor, University of Holistic Theology. 2016
Mindfulness Meditation Instructor, Mindfulness Exercises, 2017
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Cyndi Lee, 2018
Registered Yoga Teacher, My Vinyasa Practice, 2018
Yoga Nidra, My Vinyasa Practice, 2019
Trauma-Informed Yoga, My Vinyasa Practice, 2019
Restorative Yoga, Cyndi Lee, 2018
Restorative Yoga, My Vinyasa Practice, 2019
Yin Yoga, My Vinyasa Practice, 2019
Chair Yoga, Aura Wellness Center, 2018
Subtle Yoga, Subtle Yoga, 2019
Yoga Therapist, Currently in training.
Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Yoga Psychology Yoga Pscyhe, Soul with Asheley Turner, Currently in training.
Sound Healing 2018, Sound Healing Academy 
Ataana Method Energy Healing, Ataana Badilli, 2019
Laughter Wellness, Laughter Wellness Institute, Currently in training.

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