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Happy Hormones Healthy Life

Happy Hormones Healthy Life
Sonya Sullins
Where we meet with clients: Via phone/Internet
Madison, WI 53717
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Hi! I am Sonya Sullins. I am a speaker, educator and coach. Do want to transform your health and happiness? I can't wait to meet you!
I coach individuals and couples both in-person and online to get rid of belly fat, brain fog and burnout with my signature process to resetting your mindset and regaining your health with "Happy Hormones Healthy Life".
I have dedicated my life to research and learning, sorting through the myths to discover the truth, experimenting, bio-hacking, and documenting... As a (near fatal) stroke survivor, I have been able to not only rebuild myself from the inside out, but also coach the very system that is proven and continues to help countless others to do the same with their health.

Let’s join together in this movement to empower us all to push through the doubt, frustration and fear...and learn to boldly take our health and vitality back into our own hands.

Following the exact same method that I used, you will get the results that others just like you have.. you will:
Love the skin you're in
Feel confident and beautiful
Have the mental clarity and physical energy to live with joy

The "boring" details:

Stage to Scale Master Speaker
Message to Millions Elite Partner
Functional Health Coach
Finance and Marketing BBA and MBA - University of Wisconsin - Madison
MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Qualified
Franklin Covey (7 Habits) Certified
Gallup University Leadership Certification
Reconnective Healing Level I, II and The Reconnection Level III
Access Consciousness Bars Certified

WHAT GIVES US JOY ABOUT THE WORK WE DO: I know how frustrating it is to feel like you have exhausted all your options. I know what is feels like to feel the blame and shame that goes along with weight gain. I know the desperation of fearing the loss of health, of function, of happiness and quality of life. And I know the sheer joy of knowing you are fully in alignment with your purpose as you bring real solutions so seemingly solutionless problems to people just like me and just like you - every day!

What the "mainstream" is telling you is not all there is to know. I want to shine the light on your beautiful life.
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Take this complimentary personalized assessment to see how Happy your Hormones are:

Schedule time to chat! I offer a complimentary session of health coaching. Let's dig in!
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COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES: Free strategy session (75 minutes) and/or online Happy Hormones Assessment (see website)
SERVICES OFFERED: For the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan...
8 week package coaching program group/individual combined: Can apply to accrue sessions; ask provider for details
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HEALTHY LIVING SAVINGS CARD - Discount offered: Sign up for 8 week coaching program and spouse can participate for FREE!
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