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Epigen Wellness Group

Epigen Wellness Group
Ashley Olivine
Where we meet with clients: Via phone/Internet
Meet with Epigen from the convenience of your home!
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We combine revolutionary techniques with proven science to ensure our clients are able to achieve ideal health and wellness. Our coaches are dedicated and caring, a combination that guides our clients to success.

Sleep and Relaxation:
Do you struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, or return to sleep? Do you feel overly busy, stressed, or both? Do you find it difficult to "turn off" your mind before bed? This is our signature program called RESTED, with over 10 years of success proven through an independent study, and thousands of happy graduates. (6 sessions)

Chronic Pain:
Does your pain limit your life? Utilizing the same proven techniques of our sleep and relaxation program, this program trains the brain to process pain signals differently, allowing relief from pain, and increased ability to enjoy life. (6 sessions)

Sleep and Pain:
This is a combination of both the sleep and pain programs. Since there is an overlap in techniques, they can be completed together without double the sessions. (9 sessions)

WHAT GIVES US JOY ABOUT THE WORK WE DO: Our greatest joy in the work we do comes from helping our clients transform their health, and their lives. Nothing compares to the happiness that is spread when suffering is replaced with control, and a way to move forward in the right direction.
Comments/Additional Information: *Pricing is based on a commitment to complete the full program. Additional fees may apply for individual sessions.
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SERVICES OFFERED: For the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan...
We offer one 30-minute call prior to starting the program if you need help deciding if the program is right for you. This is optional. FREE + 1 YDW code
Initial Sessions:
Sleep and Relaxation - RESTED program (90 min): Discuss applying YDW codes with provider
Chronic Pain (90 min): Discuss applying YDW codes with provider
Combination (90 min): Discuss applying YDW codes with provider
Services Comments: *Pricing is based on a commitment to complete the full program. Base fee before applying YDW codes is $250; additional fees may apply for individual sessions.
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