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Disrupt to Discover ZaZaZu

Disrupt to Discover ZaZaZu
Sonya Sullins
Madison, WI 53717
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Hi! I am Sonya Sullins, the owner and creator of the "Disrupt to Discover" method. I am a Function Health Coach and Speaker whose mission it is to bring back your ZaZaZu!

I believe that without your health, nothing else matters. No job, no money, no vacation, no person can fill the void that bad health leaves.

You see, I suffered a stroke - a brain hemorrhage actually. And, somewhere in the DISRUPTION of brain damage and physical disability I DISCOVERED how to regain ZaZaZu

I used my 20+ years of knowledge in the healing arts and combined it with five years and $50,000 of further education, research and documentation to do what the mainstream could not. ZaZaZu!

It started out personal. But then my heart was called to teach my method so that I could help women all over the world avoid the devastation that lurks beneath the surface. The universe not only had a plan for me but also a plan for you! ZaZaZu!

I share in my talks and in my coaching programs what you need to know to help you say bye-bye to belly fat, brain fog and burnout...and Hello to Zest, Zeal and ZaZaZu!

Let me show you how to Disrupt old patterns and limiting beliefs to Discover Zest, Zeal and ZaZaZu.

Using the three pillars of health:
1. Physical Health
2. Brain Health
3. Emotional Health

You will get rid of belly fat, brain fog and burnout so that your health never again stands in the way of your ZaZaZu.

WHAT GIVES US JOY ABOUT THE WORK WE DO: I know how frustrating it is to feel like you have exhausted all your options.
I know what is feels like to feel the blame and shame that goes along with weight gain.
I know the desperation of fearing the loss of health, of function, of happiness and quality of life.
So, I created "Disrupt to Discover" so that women, just like you, could live life with Zest, Zeal and ZaZaZu.

It gives me such joy to know that I am living fully in alignment with my purpose as I bring real solutions so seemingly solutionless problems to people just like me and just like you - every day!

Everything you've ever wanted, all your sparkle and joy, and discovering the authentic you just waiting to your ZaZaZu!
Comments/Additional Information:

Take this complimentary personalized assessment to see how Happy your Hormones are:

Schedule time to chat! I offer a complimentary session of health coaching. Let's dig in!
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COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES: 1. Free educational training on a variety of topics.

2. Free ZaZaZu Health Assessment online and your results go right to your inbox. (or go to

3. Free session of health coaching or go to
SERVICES OFFERED: For the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan...
Online self-study course: Disrupt your stubborn belly fat, brain fog and burnout and Discover your Zest, Zeal and ZaZaZu - $137 + 1 YDW code; or apply to accrue YDW codes
Online self-study course (same as above) PLUS Group Coaching over 12 weeks - ask provider for pricing details
VIP Course with specifically personalized coaching for reversal of chronic conditions - ask provider for pricing details
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HEALTHY LIVING SAVINGS CARD - Discount offered: Sign up for 8 week coaching program and spouse can participate for FREE!
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