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Cynthia Lackner, MA, Psychology – Stress Free Living through Emotional Brain Training

Cynthia Lackner, MA, Psychology – Stress Free Living through Emotional Brain Training
Cynthia Lackner, MA
Where we meet with clients: Our office, Via phone/Internet
155 Cook Street #100
Denver, CO 80206
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Do you succeed in most areas of your life but have an ongoing battle with food, drugs or alcohol?
Do you feel anxiety and or depression?
Do you ruminate about issues that keep you locked into a negative thought pattern?
Do you have issues around self-esteem, anger, fear and shame?
The solution I offer is an evidence-based technique called Emotional Brain Training. The wires in the emotional brain determine how we react to daily stress.When stress-related problems mount, attention may shift to solving problems that are the symptoms of stress, rather than addressing the causes of stress. I teach people how to rewire the root causes of these brain circuits, one by one. The brain's stress habits begin to change. Medications, procedures, and devices required to treat these symptoms can further increase chronic stress. As an alternative, you will learn skills and tools in how to become stress resilient. This is not willpower. It is science. These skills will help you in every aspect of your life.

WHAT GIVES US JOY ABOUT THE WORK WE DO: I give people hope. When I hear that working with me has profoundly changed their life, there is nothing better.
I actually love every aspect of my job!
Helping my clients address their issues and teaching them skills and tools so that they can take charge of their stress, is so gratifying. Guiding my clients to see all that is possible in their life, while discovering more joy, brings me great satisfaction.
I love keeping up with the science and taking classes, so I can be the best clinician possible for my clients.
Comments/Additional Information: We have other options upon request!
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COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES: Free 30-minute consultation
SERVICES OFFERED: For the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan...
Therapy Session: $95 + 1 YDW code; or $35 + 2 YDW codes
Services Comments: Cynthia works with many clients on Skype or FaceTime and via phone.
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