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Balance My TrueSelf, LLC

Balance My TrueSelf, LLC
Mary Siddall
Based in Centennial, CO 80121
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My goal as a life coach is to help you find your TrueSelf in a kind, loving manner that feels comfortable for you but yet still challenges you to become a better version of yourself. Together we will walk your journey of freedom, breakthroughs and acceptance. When you meet your TrueSelf, I can help you balance with tools that I have used with other clients and myself.

Coaching Services

I offer a variety of personalized coaching services to help move you past the obstacles in life, manage stress, and balance your life. I can help you identify your personal values, strengths, worthiness, and abilities in support of your goals. It is amazing how every aspect of our lives improves when we start working on ourselves.
​For individual consultations, I want to meet you in a place that feels secure and serene, both physically and emotionally. Whether that is meeting in a coffee shop, talking on the phone, or taking a walk on a nature trail, I want to give you a place in which you feel supported and cherished. Let us meet on your terms and in a place where you feel comfortable.
Global consultations are designed for clients in all locations. I serve the entire world as a bilingual life coach. Using a simple phone call, Skype, Google Hangouts, and other ways, I am here for you.​
I understand clients have different needs, so in order to make life coaching affordable I have different packages. Contact me by email or leave a voicemail to see how I can help you develop different perspectives and achieve the outcomes you are striving for in an affordable manner.

WHAT GIVES US JOY ABOUT THE WORK WE DO: I believe in changing our life and who are on the inside, we are changing the world for the better.
Other than English, we speak: Spanish
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COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES: Exploratory phone call (30 minutes)
SERVICES OFFERED: For the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan...
Life Coaching (one-on-one and long distance): $30 + 1 YDW code
Package coaching package (4 sessions): $290 + 1 YDW code; apply to accrue sessions
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