What is Embodied Counseling?

What is Embodied Counseling? Denise O’Malley, founder of You Define Wellness, chatted with Robin Miner, MACP, where we will explored this question and more!

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Robin Miner shares on her website that “Embodied counseling is different than traditional approaches. It includes more of who you are in the process and allows your wisdom to guide you, your compassion to comfort you, and your presence to fill your life with joy!”

Robin is a registered psychotherapist with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. She is also a Certified Advanced Practitioner in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. She believes an embodied experience is key to connecting clients with their whole-selves. Robin is also a Certified “Taking Your True Shape” Embodiment Coach, assisting clients with changing their perception about food, weight, and diets. Robin assists clients with managing emotions, healing trauma, overcoming addictions and living in recovery. Robin is an EMDR practitioner.

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