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Are you stressed and anxious from working remote? Maybe you were unprepared to get thrown into working from home at a moments notice. To make matters worse, you may experience interruptions from family members during your work day, or even have to share your work space with others. Additionally, you may feel disconnected from your co-workers. Juggling work and home within the same space can put an undo strain on your well-being, as well as your personal and work relationships.

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When working remotely, you may feel even more demands on your time than when working in the office. This along with other constraints you may encounter can lead you to de-prioritize important activities, such as taking care of YOU!

Having all your responsibilities piled into a single space can be overwhelming. And, without traditional modes of release, such as joking around with colleagues during a break, then you may become more stressed. This stress can affect your personal wellness as well as your personal and work relationships.

From an employers perspective, it is important to understand that your employees may be feeling more stress when working remote. It is also important to understand that employee retention can be negatively affected if employees are unable to create or maintain good relations with their co-workers.

This 45 minute event focuses on employee wellness and connecting with coworkers when working remote.

Linda and Rod have spent many years working in high-tech. Before it was even fashionable, they spent a lot of time working remote from their colleagues, managers, and subordinates. As coaches and wellness practitioners, Linda and Rod see clients via video conference as well as host online events.



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