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My mission is to uplift and empower individuals to live healthy, happy, and more peaceful lives by providing simple, natural, and innovative solutions to wellness that are readily available in their daily lives.

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On line over Zoom, Skype, Facetime or the phone…Offering Individual, couples, family coaching sessions to help you remove emotional blocks. trauma and self-defeating behaviors.

My practice is done within the healing protocol of Crystalline Consciousness Technique, and healing techniques from my Body & Brain Yoga/Tai Chi practice.  My clients heal through their intentions and I help to clear energies and trauma so that empowerment occurs through their own transformation. My approach can be as a Coach or Healer, depending what someone is most comfortable doing.

My life is about transforming from accountability to healing and then manifesting intentions. I am a certified teacher and practitioner in healing modality of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ ( and Brain Power Wellness Certification

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Addiction / Detox, Anxiety, Chronic Conditions, Co-Dependency, Depression, Digestion, Feeling Stuck, Finding Wellness Path, Finding Yourself

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