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Sometimes when we find ourselves so connected to the outside world through through our peers, news, internet, etc. we find ourselves being completely disconnected from ourselves. This is an invitation to do life differently with me.

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About Connection – The Virtual How to Human Experience Masterclass

Chances are you might have grown up in a family and then in a world that didn’t teach you how to prioritize yourself. I didn’t either, and that led me down a really rough path of a lot of horrible experiences. Through those horrible experiences though, I gained a lot of wisdom, tools, resources and perspective shifts that I’d love to give to you. I also happen to have enlisted the help of some pretty fantastic people who I’d love to introduce you to as well! Throughout my own personal journey, I learned how to heal through burnout of all kinds (career/work, caregiving, mental, etc.), rebound from autoimmune diseases, death, loss, divorce, desecration on more levels and more times than I can count – and even all the while managing to find joy in the most seemingly insignificant places. I’ve developed courage, resilience and boundless joy and magic-seeing eyes as side effects also =)

While we all come from varying degrees of backgrounds and upbringings, we all have one thing in common – we’re here for the human experience and we can change our view of those experiences in a moment’s notice.

I would love to help guide you through a journey of discovering how amazingly delicious it is to get ourselves back on our list and how fun life becomes when we drop all the should’s and have-to’s and create the time for the feel-good’s and desires and want-to’s. I want to help you rediscover your spark and allow it to glow so bright it’ll be hard to lose it again, even during the times of stress and chaos.

You’re human. Stress, burnout and exhaustion are unfortunately part of our human experience.

Connection isn’t designed to help you conquer these things, if it were I’d be setting you up to fail. I love shooting it to you straight, so here’s the truth I learned the hard way – no matter how amazing you are at your self-care or playing and being joyful and kind, life will still come by every once in a while to blindside you right into heartbreak. It’s going to happen. Connection is a toolkit for both the everyday magic, the mundane, the chaotic days, the unexpected tragedies and everything in between. Life is a flow, a dance, and Connection is an invitation to live your life differently.

Are you ready to do life in a different way?

About Divine Radiance

Divine Radiance was created for the woman who feels like her creative, feminine vibrancy tends to get snuffed out from her masculine energy. She wasn’t taught about utilizing the phases of her menstrual cycle to her advantage, how to take care of herself and her needs or the plethora of tools, resources and guides that are literally right at our disposal to open up this cornucopia of new ways of being in our lives.

For years and years I was at the mercy of my masculine energy. I had a lot of plates to spin and the only way I felt everything kept from crashing down was to always be action-oriented and in control of all things whenever possible. I felt like my body should be doing the same things every single day, I should feel the same way every day, I should be able to have the same energy level and do the same tasks – so why couldn’t I? It led me to an unhealthy lifestyle, which led me to burnout and autoimmune diseases. I’d love for that not to be your story, so I want to help share the tools and resources I’ve found in the last few years to build a framework on how to connect with our feminine energy and bring it back into our lives, both personally and professionally.

About Ignite Your Love for Your Life

When was the last time someone asked you what your dreams were? In fact, when was the last time YOU considered what your dreams were? In a world where burnout and exhaustion are running rampant, what would it be like to transport yourself into your imagination to get back in touch with the life you really want to be living?

An integral part of The How to Human Experience, this virtual 2 hour dream board (also called visionboard) workshop for businesses and organizations of all sizes helps you create time to find clarity, focus on your authentic life, visualize ideal outcomes and learn techniques to make your vision board even more powerful. In the world of Zoom and workshop fatigue, this option helps to infuse some childlike fun back into life in a way that connects you back to yourself in a different way by giving yourself a chance to remember and become inspired by your desires.

About the True North Virtual Community

Filled with additional workshops, seasonal offerings, group coaching calls, answers to your questions, group experiences with other practitioners and so much more, The True North Collective is where the expansion happens in real time.

  • Ignite guides you to dig deep into your core desires and what you want your life to look
  • Connection helps you create pockets of time to connect back to yourself and your life with authenticity, giving you a new sense of aliveness and freedom within your life
  • Divine Radiance connects you back to your divine feminine essence to use all the tools and gifts we, as women, are given at birth in new ways
  • The True North Collective takes it a step further to help you build and grow within yourself, exposing you to what’s out there beyond what your eyes can currently see. Experience healing modalities, work through roadblocks in real time, understand what’s happening in your own energy fields and so much more.

Experiences are the key to growth and in The True North Collective the aim is to bring those experiences to you in a group setting. Because some of Misty’s greatest transformations came by way of being introduced to amazing resources, people and tools, The True North Collective is where she’s excited to share those with you. You can expect group experience workshops with amazing practitioners, intuitive coaching videos, additional tools and resources as Misty finds them.

About The Self-Care Survival Guide for Employees

In a world full of “do, do, do,” meet the goals, manage 100+ tasks at once, accept the 60 hour work weeks with a smile, get to work on time, don’t call off work sick, have a great attitude, don’t complain, stay focused – and make sure you also take care of your health, exercise, drink enough water, spend time with your family, be a stellar parent and model citizen, get enough sleep and eat well – it’s no wonder emotional turmoil and disease are running rampant in our workplaces.

This springboard-style book is a means to introduce simple and most often free or low-cost self-care practices anyone can do while in any kind of work environment. The core belief of this book is the best healthcare comes from proactive self-care.

Program Description by Point Level:

  • 25 points – Receive virtual access to Connection – The Virtual How to Human Experience Masterclass
  • 50 points – Receive virtual access to Connection plus:
    1. Divine Radiance – A Virtual Resource Collection for Women Desiring to Embody the Sacred Feminine
    2. Ignite Your Love for Your Life – Virtual 2 Hour Workshop to Set Your Sights on Your Desires
    3. 1 Year Membership to the True North Virtual Online Community
    4. Free digital copy of my book The Self-Care Survival Guide for Employees
  • 75 points – 50 point tier package plus 1 60min personal coaching call via phone or Zoom
  • 100 points  – 50 point tier package plus 2 60min personal coaching calls via phone or Zoom

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Abundance, Anxiety, Autoimmune, Changing Habits, Confidence, Decision Making, Doubt, Emotional Intelligence, Fear / Panic, Feeling Stuck, Finding Yourself, Fulfillment, Inspiration, Joy, Life Balance, Mental Health, Mind / Body Connection, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Resilience, Self-Care, Spirituality, Stress

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Life Tools/Misc

Length of Program

1 month

Points to Redeem

100 Points, 25 Points, 50 Points, 75 Points

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POINTS FOR THIS PROGRAM:  25, 50, 75 or 100 points



FORMAT: See description

INDIVIDUAL 1:1 COACHING: See description

GROUP COACHING: Two 60-minute group coaching calls each month




About Misty

Misty Giordano has a unique approach, presence and perspective that fosters joy and aliveness. Discovering her unique gifts as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), she has leaned into centering her wellbeing work around nervous system support using a variety of modalities. Instead of focusing on specific practices, Misty goes deeper into the real problem – creating more time in one’s life for stillness to just be. For connection. For presence. For joy.

A former HR Manager, Misty knows a thing or two about burnout and joyless living. For one? It isn’t fun. A believer that the depth of life is often overlooked, Misty’s mission is to help stoke people’s inner fires to dream again and create a life they actually want to live fueled by their own inspiration. To do that, we must be brave and take responsibility for our own wellbeing. With wellbeing becoming yet another to-do list in our world, a question to ponder – what if real wellbeing comes from doing less, not more?

Offering a collection of resources and knowledge from formal institutions and hours of self-study in the last 10 years from her own healing journey through corporate burnout, autoimmune disease and remission, caregiving burnout, divorce and total life transformation, Misty offers an invitation to do life differently – that is, your way. On your terms.

She is particularly effective helping women who feel lost in a life they created around what they felt was expected of them, but not what they actually wanted. This vicious cycle leaves them feeling burnt out, stressed out, developing physical illnesses, waning mental health and leaving joy, play and fun as a foreign language. Instead of living life, they’re managing it day in and day out.

Sound like anyone you know? Let’s learn how to human again!


“I must say, Misty is a woman of care and determination and resilience. Her positive attitude and professionalism and most of all her workshops, have helped me reach a unique state of mind that helps me reach my own goals each day. Working with Misty has also helped me reach new perspectives of life to where I’m able to look at everything going on in my life in a positive, constructive way that allows me to live enjoying every moment in my life. She is just so wonderful and beautiful inside and out.” – B

“She is encouraging, supportive, and genuinely desires to bring out the best in people. She’s an amazing motivator and I’m blessed to have her as my mentor. I wouldn’t be where I am without her.” – L

“I LOVED being part of the course. It was exactly what I needed in my life. Every week, I had the call to look forward to and was left with action items that allowed me to significantly improve my life. Misty is an incredible woman who shared life changing wisdom, and did a great job guiding me along the journey of clearing space in my life to make room for what I truly want. Thanks to her and the course I was able to implement several habits into my life and work on strengthening my mindset. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a better version of themselves and embark on a journey of self discovery and awareness.” – J

Misty was one of the first individuals to engage our organization during COVID. She did a wonderful job of using concepts like mindfulness and balance with tools for participants to continue their journey while working from home.” – R

“Thank you for this course. During these trying times is when we need to realize who we really are and what we need to get rid of internally to make us a better human being. I enjoyed this course to the fullest and feel that it came into my life at the perfect time.” – B

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  • All program selections are final after a three (3) business day grace period after which all associated points are forfeited in the event of cancellation.  Business days is defined as Monday-Saturday with Sundays and national holidays excepted.
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  • Most coaching programs require a commitment of several months and this is to ensure you get the desired result(s) out of the program you selected.  If you decide to cancel this program prior to fulfillment of the commitment you are making, we ask that you first have a conversation with your coach and/or your Wellness PathFinder.  You Define Wellness will work with you to find a program that meets your needs.
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Cancellation Policy

In the event a workshop is canceled by your organization without rescheduling, notice of cancellation is requested at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled workshop date with the paid 50% deposit being non-refundable as per the booking deposit policy.

Cancellation/Reschedule by Misty

In the event Misty should need to cancel or reschedule a workshop due to an emergency, illness, death in the family or other unavoidable happening, she will make every effort to reschedule the workshop and/or make special accommodations to ensure the workshop is rescheduled.

For individuals wanting to cancel their group coaching community membership:

You may cancel anytime right on the Patreon site when you log into your account.

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