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Virtual Body-Mind Healing Session – 60 minute session

Do you find yourself stressed and too anxious to schedule an in-person appointment?  Explore ways to manage your anxiety and overwhelm in the comfort and safety of your own home.

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Get back into your body. This is a healing session that will help you get grounded, feel more stable, and get centered.

What is the Body-Mind Connection

When you connect the body and the mind to work in harmony, then you can reduce and manage your stress levels. Getting in touch with your body and feeling into your body lets us think more clearly and make better choices.

This reduces overwhelm and makes you stronger and calmer.

How to Be More Resilient in Times of Stress

Guided meditation with an experienced body-mind practitioner helps you focus on yourself and go deeper into a relaxed state. It’s not just about meditation, it’s about learning to listen to your body and what can you can learn from that.

Together, with Lisa, your body-mind practitioner, and guide, you will determine what your spirit needs at the time of your session. Learn how to have a conversation with your body by tuning in with greater awareness and understanding of your needs so you can finally manage your stress and overwhelm.

You will learn exercises to enhance feelings of stability, comfort, and clarity within.

Click here to book a free, initial consultation with Lisa to get to know each other and determine what is the best session to achieve your goals.

Or, if you are ready to jump right in, click here to book your Body-Mind Healing Session and find your inner peace.

Find out more about Lisa Tennant on her Releaf Bodywork Therapy website.

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