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Tongue-tie Therapy

What’s normal? Tongue-ties have been overlooked for many years. This is because if you can eat, drink, and breathe there must not be anything wrong. Right? Wrong, if you have trouble opening your mouth or sticking your tongue out, you could have a tie and it could be restraining you from a lot of things including breathing.

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Can you stick your tongue out past your teeth? If you can’t it could be because your tongue is tied by tissue on the floor of your mouth. Sometimes it’s short, or attached too far forward, and that can create all kinds of symptoms.

Sometimes the tongue-tie is released when the person is an infant. Lots of myofunctional therapists work with infants. At Primal Air, we like kids that are five or older. If the tie is severe enough it must be released by a gentle dental procedure. But OMT is critical in getting the mouth ready for the procedure, and to make sure the healing goes well. Because it’s the mouth healing goes pretty fast and the tie can reattach unless you work really hard at the techniques. We’ll help you do that.

If you’re already an adult we may have more work to do to overcome some of the compensations you’ve acquired over your lifetime. We can’t know that unless we see you.

For children, not infants, we may be able to help in as little as three appointments.

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