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TMJ Protocol

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) can make life really hard. Is chewing and talking limited because of pain? It shouldn’t have to.

By understanding the muscles that are surrounding the area, we aim to help strengthen them and reduce your pain.

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Does your jaw joint hurt? Have you tried everything your dentist has to offer? Maybe it’s due to a myofunctional disorder. Let us take a look.

Our myofunctional therapy treatment plan for TMJ pain doesn’t include pills or appliances. We can do a lot by taking a look at the features and functions of the muscles surrounding and supporting the joint. Sometimes it’s a restricted tongue putting pressure on the system. Call today for a complimentary intake appointment and treatment plan that often makes a difference for the better. Not bragging but we’ve even been able to get a fibromyalgia patient off her pain meds.

Before you take a Botox injection for pain, let us take a look and develop a treatment plan that is proven to support the joint and decrease or eliminate pain.

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