Three Simple Strategies to Re-Focus Wellness Initiatives


Get your wellness program back on track by discovering three strategies that work!

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Have you seen these headlines about workplace wellness?

Study Finds Virtually Zero Benefit From Workplace Wellness Program In 1st Year1

Workplace wellness programs aren’t working, 

new research finds2

Both headlines refer to The Illinois Workplace Wellness Study, a controlled trial of a comprehensive wellness program at the University of Illinois.

Prior to this study’s release was the Willis Towers Watson 2017 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey3 that unveiled this tidbit:

“Most employees (73%) say they prefer to manage their health and well-being on their own.”

So…. if workplace wellness programs don’t work, and employees would rather manage their health and well-being on their own, isn’t this validation to get rid of your corporate wellness initiatives?

Not so fast!  Let’s talk about it.

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