The Evolution of Reiki

Krista Igoe, Certified Medical Reiki practitioner, explains the evolution of Reiki as a healing modality in this interview with our friends at Total Integration Television.

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In 2000, Dr. Mehmet Oz was the first surgeon to allow a Reiki Master in his operating room at NY Columbia Presbyterian Hospital when his patient requested it…Since then, Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, Chief of Breast Surgical Oncology at Columbia Presbyterian, has utilized Reiki Masters in his operating room with patients. (source:…)

Krista Igoe is a reiki Master/Teacher and is certified in Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki. In addition, she has earned certification as a Medical Reiki Master which certifies her to serve as a Reiki practitioner during surgeries and medical treatments in the hospital.

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