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It’s hard to see the entire picture when YOU are the one in the frame, so the most effective way to unlock your innate potential is having a trained coach AND a proven, step by step system to build your dreams.

That’s what I provide!

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In this 3 month journey, you will be supported in defining, designing, testing, and living into your dream. You will create the seed of your dream, and then prepare, cultivate, and weed the soil to give that seed the very best chance of growing into the life you have imagined.

Based on over 30 years of research, this is a proven, reliable, repeatable system of transformation that will give you the foundational tools to build dream after dream after dream, no matter how BIG they may seem.

With over 9 hours of in-depth audio lessons, a power-packed 100+ page guidebook, and weekly 1-hour coaching calls, your life will be changed forever! Each group is only 3-5 people, so I can give my undivided attention to everyone on the call. You’ll get your burning questions answered, the personal guidance to help you through the unique challenges you face in life and the accountability that’s needed to take consistent action to manifest the life of your dreams.

Here’s what we’ll cover in each week:

Week 1: Defining Your Dream
– When you are in harmony with your soul’s purpose, when you are in harmony with what you are here to be and do, things get easier. This is the most passionate, wondrous way to live life. During this module, we will discuss how to reveal to yourself what it is you really want to be, to do, to create or to give – without the limitations of time, education and money.

Week 2: Testing Your Dream
– Your life is precious and unrepeatable. It is a gift from the Universe to be shaped and molded. The way you shape each day creates a pattern that becomes a form that becomes an experience, which we ultimately call your life. During the first two modules of this course, you worked on defining your dream. Now that you have that dream in mind, the next step is to determine whether that dream is really right for you. Not whether you’re worthy of the dream, but rather, whether the dream is worthy of you.

Week 3: Increase Your Sense of Deserving
– Most of us have limiting perceptions about ourselves that create doubt about the possibilities. Once you understand you are not your personality, and you are not your body (you have both, of course) – but you are a spiritual being having a human experience; then you can see the truth emerge and begin moving toward your dream. What’s the truth? The truth is you have absolutely unlimited creative capacities. You limit them with your own thinking and your own understanding, but once you can change your thinking, you hold the power to create whatever you want to.

Week 4: Befriending Your Fear
– Your dream passes the tests, and you feel worthy of its coming true. But if you plant your dream in soil that has been choked out by weeds, then the dream can’t possibly grow. The weeds are fear. In the concrete world, you never get rid of weeds, do you? It’s the same with fear. Fear can choke out every good seed, if you let it. It’s impossible not to have fear – but we’ve got to learn to befriend it so we honor its presence but kick it out of the driver’s seat. You will learn strategies and skills for deepening and developing your spiritual muscles for overcoming fear. It can be tempting to spend time with and entertain your fear thoughts. But in doing so, we lose the connection to our spiritual strength.

Week 5: Activating the Law of Circulation Through Giving
– We live in an abundant Universe – but many of us experience a feeling of limitation. When you begin to understand you are an abundant being of your nature, you will demonstrate abundance in the area of your highest interest. Plus, the action of giving initiates the law of receiving – and while there is just one Source, there are many channels through which good comes to us. If we are aligned with the generosity of the Universe, we are open to the flow and experience of ideas, resources, circumstances and people.

Week 6: Changing Your Perceptions
– Any farmer knows soil must be as healthy as the seed for the crop to prosper. You can’t grow a healthy dream in toxic soil. Even the best dream cannot survive if it is planted in soil that is toxic with resentment. Wondering whether you have forgiveness work to do? Are you breathing? Yes, everyone has forgiveness work to do – it’s a mental, emotional and spiritual practice that opens the doors of perception and frees us to live a live worth living.

Week 7: Setting Yourself Free Through the Practice of Forgiveness
– Once you’ve identified where you need to practice forgiveness, you may feel like you’re at a loss as to how to actually do it. Even once you make a conscious decision to forgive someone for whom you harbor some resentment, resentment can creep back in. So how do you take the actual steps toward forgiveness? It’s hard work, but it’s possible – and while it doesn’t change your past, it changes your present and transforms your future.

Week 8: Listening to the Still, Small Voice
– The life each one of us holds and experiences is controlled by what we do and what we choose. There is a pull of becoming everywhere in the Universe. You feel it in yourself, a seeking for the life that IS your life, to express freer, fuller, more expanded, more creatively. As you say “yes” to this, you get happier, find more creativity and more opportunity. When your life begins to expand this way, everything else pales compared to a life where you wake up in the morning and feel the natural feeling of being in harmony with your own life essence.

Week 9: Creating a Support System
– In the 1930s, Andrew Carnegie commissioned Napoleon Hill to study successful people. Hill discovered that successful people create a mastermind group – a group whose focus and intention is for helping each other be bigger than what they would be working alone. We’re going to discuss an actual, tested, working process for creating the support system you need to navigate the gap between where you are now and where you are in your dream.

Week 10: Training Your Mind
– It’s time to learn to be receptive, to be an empty cup the Universe can fill with its abundance. A higher frequency is more compatible with answers, solutions, insight, inspiration and enthusiasm – it’s a way of taking the limited mind and moving it into the genius mind where any answer is available. In short, your dream will not happen from the mind that doesn’t believe it’s possible, or the mind that is convinced conditions have to change before you can get there. The conditions never change first. The conditions change because our thinking changed.

Week 11: Turning Failure From a Stumbling Block to a Stepping Stone
– Of any of the steps in dream building, the most difficult one is what we call failure. Yet, what we perceive as failure actually is information – it’s feedback. You may be receiving new direction for your dream, or the Universe may be directing you to something that’s much greater for you. In the life of any dream building, things happen – things you couldn’t have predicted. The truth is, your reaction to and definition of those things will define you.

Week 12: Harvesting Your Dream
– Who you become as a result of consciously taking this journey enables you to embark on one dream after another. Building a dream, no matter which stage you are in, opens you more and more to living a life of amplified aliveness. This natural feeling rises up in you more and more frequently as you stay true to this course. As you continue on your journey you will grow more and more into the person who is the person you are to be, and you’ll harvest your dreams again and again throughout the journey of your life.

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