Team Building with The Enneagram

Customized, 3 to 4 hour virtual team building sessions using the Enneagram as a foundation for: 

  • Stress Management During Transition
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution 
  • Leadership Self-Mastery
  • Optimal Decision Making
  • Emotional Intelligence and Tuning Into Your Team

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The Enneagram describes 9 unique viewpoints of the world based on ego structures and instinctual patterns.   Rather than pigeon-holing you, it provides you with a systematic approach for self-awareness, inquiry, and change.  It has been used internationally by organizational development specialists in leadership and team development for decades and taught at the Stanford School of Business since the 1970’s.  When you understand yourself and what makes you tick, you are more effective in every aspect of life and can easily engage in compassionate communication, collaboration, and even confrontation.  And when the whole team understands each other’s language and viewpoints, a shift for greater connection, teamwork, and compassion ensues.  Applying the Enneagram professionally results in transformed teams and leaders.    

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