From Shadow to Spotlight with Kelly Fox

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This 12-week course will include the 4 NOs of Fearless Living as well as their antidotes. You will learn
your Wheel of Fear and your Wheel of Freedom, two tools that will change the way you look at your fear forever. When used together they have the power to move you forward toward your desired result faster than you can imagine. The insights gained and your implantation of the skills taught, in conjunction with Kelly’s guidance will have you living in freedom and achieving your dreams.

Program specifics:
You will meet with Kelly once a week for an hour-long session.
You will have weekly assignments due before the next session.
There will be reading involved and required for Rhonda Britten’s book Fearless Living each week

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Leadership/Success, Life Tools/Misc

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3 months, Add 1 month

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POINTS FOR THIS PROGRAM:  50 points per month



FORMAT: Individual 1:1 coaching sessions

INDIVIDUAL 1:1 COACHING: Included are weekly one-hour coaching sessions for 3 months with Kelly Fox.






Kelly Fox is an Advanced Certified Fearless Living coach and Certified Fearless trainer with the Fearless Living Institute, which was one of the first US coach training schools. She uses this training to support women to step out of their comfort zone “shell” and hatch into a confident, purpose driven Rock Star. She is a dedicated mom to six children and has been married since 2001.

Kelly also coaches alongside her mother who is a long-standing Fearless Living coach as well. Kelly and her mother Terry Sayre have an internationally listened to podcast Fearless Generations, for the last 8 years and facilitate several
workshops, and a 12-month group program where they are seeing amazing transformations. She has been asked to appear on KSEE 24 – a local NBC station – twice as a fearless expert and has recently become a published author with her book A mile in her shoes.

Kelly is out there confidently and passionately living her purpose as she is teaching and supporting her clients too. She shines her light to give permission to others to shine theirs. As a Rock Star she invites all to join her on stage and share their life song.



Coach Kelly’s sincere, light yet fully-present coaching style made me feel at home and safe from day 1. She combines her knowledge with an authentic, loving spirit. It was during our 10-session coaching engagement–which was part of my FLTP package–that I got very clear about my niche and brand as a
Life Coach, and she gave me very useful guidance in the relationship area as well. She was a powerful partner and continues to be an inspiration in my journey towards a sustainable soul career in Life Coaching. Thank you very much, Coach Kelly!
Em P. Guevara of the Philippines

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