Self Love: The Foundation for Healthy Relationships

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Relationships can be difficult and yet are so vital to living a fulfilling life. The greatest relationship we have is to ourselves. In developing a healthy love of self, one then has the elements to build healthy relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. Discover 5 key elements that allow you to acknowledge the level of love you have for you and how you can practice these elements with yourself and with others.

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Do you find it difficult to love all of you and find that you are continually judging yourself? Do you give yourself the same level of respect, honor and grace that you give to others? We hear with our heads the value of loving ourselves, but our hearts and our actions do not align with the true essence of love. Many have fallen prey to old patterns and untrue beliefs that keep one from truly embracing their uniqueness and giftedness. This prevents one from having a strong foundation and confidence on which to develop healthy relationships with self and others.

This series is vital in bringing forth 5 elements of love that allow one to grow their own self-love that then radiates out into the world and does not become stuck within, keeping one separate from others. To fully embrace and take full action of loving ourselves, our relationships become much richer and more meaningful.

This 5-part series is about learning to be in a love relationship with you that will allow you to grow in all areas of your life. Through weekly teachings, coaching support, and home activities, you will discover a more love-able you. Through these practices you will notice that the relationships around will begin to change as well.
As your self-love grows,
• You experience love as a conscious evolutionary process.
• You invite your children, if you are parents, to be more confident in being themselves.
• You are empowered to be supported and respected by others.
• You increase joy in all areas of your life.
• You experience true gratitude for your very existence.
• You grow your capacity to create an awesome life.
• You have more love to give to others.
• You model for your children and others the importance of loving yourself.
• You have more freedom to be who you choose to be.

This series includes 3 additional 1:1 coaching sessions to offer ample support, guidance and application, for a total of 8 one hour sessions.

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FORMAT:  Individual 1:1 coaching sessions

INDIVIDUAL 1:1 COACHING: Weekly coaching sessions in a 5-part series plus 3 additional 1:1 coaching sessions






Mary Dravis-Parrish, Author of Empowered Parents Empowering Kids, knows firsthand the value of learning how to lead an empowered life, as she overcame the suicide death of her teenage son. Mary struggled with the desire to find joy, love and meaning in her life and in her quest, she found valuable keys and strategies that have led her to become a teacher, speaker, radio host and author on being able to love herself and live a more empowered life.  Through her programs and coaching, she shares with others the value of overcoming the patterns and limitations of doubt, guilt, fear, resentment, and frustration, and how to replace those with increased joy, love, and gratitude that allows one to create a fulfilling and meaningful life.

 She also knows very well the struggles in raising today‘s children. She takes great joy in helping parents and kids become more aware of the dynamic possibilities that family life offers beyond the traditional approaches that often do not empower both parent and child. Her “out of the box” strategies have been proven to be affective as parents around the world have applied them to become more of the parent, they truly were meant to be raising children that are free to soar and be themselves in today’s world.

Meet and learn more about Mary at Follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Read her book Empowered Parents Empowering Kids. Listen to her podcasts BeYouParenting.



The work Mary does has been an answer to a prayer I sent out to the Universe for help. I’ve found her work to be very soothing, helpful, and life-changing. Her work has opened up more possibilities for my life than I’ve ever known before. I originally went to her for parenting help, but I’m receiving help for many other areas of my life in addition to parenting. I look forward to doing even more work with Mary and can’t wait to see the ways my world will open up even more.
~Diana M. Fort Collins, CO

Mary’s work with my parents and myself has had lasting positive benefits several years after she provided family coaching. I sought her help after I and my teenage daughter combined households with my 80-year old parents. Mary had an amazing ability to communicate and connect with my analytical, acerbic father, my  quirky artist mother and myself, a somewhat over committed physician mom. Mary’s wisdom, creativity and humor contributed to the safe space she created. Her pragmatic approach helped us to learn to start from non-judgmental observation; and be able to say to each other “That doesn’t work for me. What else is possible?” I have recommended Mary to several others for assistance. All are very satisfied with the competent care she provided. ~ Sharon Montes MD

Wow Mary!!  I cannot thank you enough or express to you enough how grateful I am to have you in my life and be learning these tools to make life a lot easier and less frustrating!!  I am really finding benefit in letting all the judgments go that I’ve placed on myself and taken on from others about how to and what it means to be a good person who loves herself more each day.  I know I still have a ways to go but I am so hopeful and slowly but surely getting better at remembering to and using these amazing tools that you are teaching us! 
~Alyssa M.CO

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