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Safe Conversation Communication Coaching Session

Are you finding it challenging to have a difficult conversation?  Let me help guide you through the process of making a difficult conversation into a safe conversation.

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Let’s face it, both at work and outside of work, relationships are difficult. Whether navigating the challenge of a micromanaging and demanding boss, a negative coworker, or a family member’s verbal missiles, you can learn to address issues of concern respectfully and directly without injuring relationships, losing your temper or putting your job career at risk.

When you learn to implement a Safe Conversations Communication Framework, you transform debate into dialogue and reframe blame and excuses into taking responsibility. Learn to safely and respectfully discuss issues of concern and their impact. Invite engagement and collaboration in solving problems while developing positive relationships.

Begin a transformational journey by scheduling a Safe Conversations Communication Coaching Session. Rest assured, that while conflict is inevitable in life and in relationships, relational combat is optional when you make difficult conversations into safe conversations.

In these coaching sessions, you will:

·      Develop strategies for effectively talking, listening, and collaborating in situations where opinions differ

·      Acquire skills and tools to engage in, manage or productively resolve conflict

·      Step up and respectfully address sensitive issues

·      Build more positive and meaningful relationships

·      Create safety while decreasing relational tension

Schedule your 90-minute one-on-one session with Lorie.

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