The REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive

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Get a sense of confidence that your body is finally working for you instead of against you with The REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive by Eva Vennari.

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Too many great companies are run by fatigued leadership. It all starts at the top. For any leader of a company, even one who’s playing just a part of that leadership, it’s essential to be running on all cylinders, to have the physical energy, the emotional bandwidth, and the lanes of thought open and receptive to creativity, expansion, and the genius that is you. Without the right support, your light can dim, the vision is lost or corrupt, or worst of all, the light extinguishes altogether because chronic illness brings you to a dead stop.

We work with individuals just like you from all over the world to get to the root cause of imbalances that cause BURNOUT. It’s not about hunting down symptoms one and a time and eliminating them. It’s about getting underneath the symptoms to the environment which ALLOWS for that imbalance. Change the environment inside the body so you have no more mineral imbalances, no more toxic metals, no more old drugs floating around creating inflammation, then the body simply can’t inhabit infection, parasites, and viruses. Enlist the body’s natural ability to heal itself by giving it what it needs.

As a client stepping into the REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive Hair Mineral Analysis personalized program, many feel a sense of confidence that their body is finally working for them instead of against them. You can navigate symptoms with ease, and see results of detox with careful ongoing modifications and measurements. In the many years, I’ve worked with clients from all over the world, many need guidance in deciding what’s the next best step on their Progressive Healing Path such as this, and

1:1 ONLY~ I work hand-in-hand with each individual to carefully Interrupt what’s not serving, Interject what can, and Implement new healthy habits for life, so there is never any guess-work. Accountability is the key to success – Partnering up to accelerate healing.

  • See the source of problems that creates a corrupt environment
  • Experience true vitality, finally
  • Receive Exact steps to feeling great using science, no guessing
  • Deploy holistic living strategies for lifelong healing
  • Clear emotional blocks once and for all
  • Demystify the “how”
  • Bring lofty ideas down Earth for practical application
  • Make the complex easy

Each person has different needs based on where the body is in terms of minerals. The ultimate goal, however, looks the same for most everyone; if you want to wake up feeling refreshed ready for the day, get through the day feeling energized and coherent, clear of mind, easily overcome drama, feel centered and at peace, be resilient to illness and feel good in your body again… possibly for the first time, then I invite you to explore nutritional balancing using hair mineral analysis through the REVEAL program. You can reach that level of being. We can show you how.

OHI includes:

• 2 hair mineral tests to Reveal mineral relationships that are tripping up your energy.
• 2 private web consultations to pin-point underlying and unseen problems and monitor progress
• 6 additional 30-minute Magickal consultations to Interrupt, Intervein, and Interject ideal foods, habits, and healing modalities that are best for you right now
• Your personal OHI Manual (mailed out)
• 8-months of Health Desk Support to guide you through the healing reactions (phone, email or txt)
• Recommended essential supplements ($600 stipend – lasts most people 4-6 months)
• 10% off Endo-Met supplements you purchase as you progress on the program after the stipend is used.

After working with me, you’ll feel a sense of confidence that your body is finally working for you instead of against you. You’ll navigate symptoms with ease, and see results of detox with careful ongoing modifications and measurements.

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Sessions may be cancelled and refunded up to 24 hours prior to scheduled session.  If you must cancel within 24 hours, please contact Mary to reschedule your session. No refunds after completed session. 

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