Reiki Session (In Person)

When we are stressed, it’s hard to live life fully.  We get sick, irritable, tired, can’t think and our bodies hurt.

Reiki supports deep emotional healing, releases tension, stress, and anxiety that is tightly held with you, and it promotes pain relief.

It can help you live life fully – feeling healthy, feeling happier, and at ease with the ups and downs of life.

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A number of different hand positions will be held on or above your body with a very light touch.  Energy flow promotes balancing and calming of your nervous system.

60 & 90 Minute Reiki Sessions Include:

  • 10 – 20 min of pre/post-discovery conversation where we create your customized session
  • 40 – 70 min of energy work targeting the physical, emotional, and mental areas of concern
  • Warm neck towel support with specially selected aromatherapy – to revive or relax
  • Warm foot towel wrap at beginning of the session to ease you into relaxation

Common comments at the end of a session:

“I feel so relaxed and calm, my mind isn’t so busy anymore.” Kathy

“The ache in my heart has calmed and I don’t feel so sad.”  Shelly

“I feel like I am lighter and more intune to what I am feeling and thinking.”  Rebecca

“The swirling and racing thoughts and worries have quieted….I can breathe again.” Sue

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Allergies, Anxiety, Energy Work, Feeling Stuck, Finding Yourself, Headaches, Immune System, Mental Health, Pain, Stress

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