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No one really tells you how difficult young adulthood can be. Leaving home for the first time, attending college, drinking and other social experimentation, financial stress, relationship issues, your first career and so much more. More often than not, young adulthood is a time in which you are forced to figure out who you are. For some people, this occurs somewhat smoothly and for others it can turn into a full blown identity crisis. I am here to reach out to those of you who may find yourself struggling during this transitional phase in life.

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Welcome to Intraconnections Counseling, a therapeutic practice specializing in the support of young adults as they explore and develop their identities, passions, and purpose. Consistent mental health care is crucial for your ongoing wellbeing. Don’t wait for a crisis to get support. Whether we meet weekly, monthly, or quarterly, mental health checkups are an important part of your regular self care routine.

I have training and experience working with teens and young adults struggling with identity, life transitions, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, substance use and more. I am currently only offering virtual sessions via Zoom due to COVID-19. Whether you are seeking counseling for yourself or with your partner, we will work together to discover true meaning and connection.

I believe self-awareness is the key to personal understanding and lasting change. If we are unaware of our thoughts, emotions, tendencies, and behaviors, change cannot be possible! Many of us have buried our authentic selves and need help do rediscover them. By replacing self-judgement with curiosity, fear subsides and allows you to go deeper within yourself. As human beings, we all experience suffering. We all want to feel good but we forget that suffering is part of living a rich and meaningful life. Getting connected to your values allows you to welcome the array of experiences that life provides. There is no better way to work on yourself than with a trusted counselor. Contact me for a free phone consultation and you can start connecting with yourself!

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