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Genes, miasms, chromosomes – all inherited predispositions have an energetic frequency. The Qest4 system can help identify these frequencies. This unique scan is available to provide a glimpse into the energetic presence of inherited genes, chromosomes, and their potential for imbalances, now or in the future.  What it won’t tell you is whether or not you have Native American DNA, a bit of Irish…or other cultural backgrounds.

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The Qest4 system has a unique scan that can provide an epigenetic glimpse into your existing genes and predispositions. The scan identifies miasms (inherited predispositions), chromosomal factors, and even gene mutations at the energetic level.  It is important to remember that abnormal cells, which is what allopathic medicine refers to as cancer, are forming in the body

at all times. Apoptosis, or programmed cell death, occurs to prevent cells from “going rogue” with an average of 50-70 billion cells dying each day as new cells are generated.

Our inherited genes do not always determine our future health, but our lifestyle choices do.  The majority of all disease is derived by lifestyle and toxic exposures, with approximately 3% of disease inherited.  Removing body parts to “prevent” disease does not work, as cells are not confined to one specific area of the body. The Qest4 Epigenetics Genes & Predisposition scan includes an individualized imprint remedy specific to the frequencies or signatures found in your scan. This scan is provided utilizing DNA from your nails and hair.

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Client is responsible for shipping expenses, including postage to mail intake form and DNA to Purely Living Wellness, and shipment of imprinted balancing remedy, and up to three additional tinctures in a small flat rate shipping box (2020 cost is $8.30).  Individuals who may need supplements that are in stock in our wellness center may incur shipping for a medium flat rate USPS box.  We may also have clinic suppliers drop-ship items directly to the client as a convenience to our clients.

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