Qest4 Emotional Detox Protocol (QEDP)


Nearly all health conditions of the body have an emotional element. For an individual to move forward in their health goals, often emotional releases of “pent up negative energy” may need to be recognized, and released. Emotional energies may even be passed down through generations. Releasing these emotions not only helps you, but clears the energetic pathway for all future generations. The phrase, “what’s getting under your skin?” holds true for any skin affliction.  In our experience, we had a client named Ed with 10 yrs of gut and eczema symptoms. In taking the balancing remedy and following recommendations to the T, he had improvement. HOWEVER, his skin did not heal until we used the Qest Emotional Detox Protocol to uncover trapped emotions, suppressed from childhood, that he did not even remember.  He subsequently journaled through the emotions in order to release them, and his skin cleared up. Subsequently, he became a bio-energetics practitioner in his own state to bring the technology of the Qest4 to his own community.

Bio-energetic scanning with the Qest4 goes beyond physical, but also takes into account the emotional and  spiritual energy forces. For example, grief of a child can contribute to breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.  The emotion of anger affects the liver and gallbladder, both important detoxifying organs. Consider working on suppressed emotions if your body is not responding to holistic healing.

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The QEDP protocol has been developed to help individuals work through trapped cell memories that are prohibiting their body from whole body rebalancing. These memories can also promote manifestation of symptoms later on in life. As an example, it is not common for the conscious to suppress childhood traumas. Adopted children, although loved by their adoptive family, often have suppressed feelings of abandonment. We have personal experience with this, as well as working with children who have lost a parent. The QEDP may also indicate that a child has been bullied which a parent may not be aware of.

Emotions can also be passed down from one generation to the next.  Fear of fire has shown up for an adult where a grandparent went through a house fire. Releasing these trapped emotions will help clear and open the blockages for future generations as well as for self. The QEDP scan helps to reveal the unconscious mind. Emotions are almost always a part of the root cause of any imbalance.

The Qest4 system instructs the practitioner as to how many levels of emotion your body is willing to work through at this time. The cost for the QEDP scan includes the initial scan and up to three emotions (which is average for the majority of people).  Each additional emotion scan is $10 each. The maximum number of emotions a body is ready to release at one time is seven, but three to five is what we have experienced with the majority of our clients who have utilized the QEDP program. The energetic frequencies for the emotions and related factors are imprinted into a quartz crystal, which is
mailed to the client and used in the releasing process.

The Qest Emotional Detox Protocol may use the same DNA that is used for the Comprehensive Baseline Wellness scan, however, it should be run either several days before or after a physical baseline scan. Remedies can be mailed in the same package for both sets of scans. If the Qest4 instructs that there are more than three emotions to be released, clients are invoiced through PayPal for the additional emotion scans.

For each emotion you will receive a PDF which contains seven factors pertaining to the emotion. Each QEDP emotion scan will contain the following information in the “release” file:

·         Time (past, present, or both)

·         Body System being affected

·         Source of Disharmony

·         Emotion

·         Feelings Creating Issue

·         Factor

·         Affirmations

·         Generational (does not always appear, only when it applies)

The email also provides instructions on how to release the emotion. Parents are asked to talk with their child about the revealed emotion, if appropriate for their age, and pray with them through the release.

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Client is responsible for shipping expenses, including postage to mail intake form and DNA to Purely Living Wellness, and shipment of imprinted balancing remedy, and up to three additional tinctures in a small flat rate shipping box (2020 cost is $8.30).  Individuals who may need supplements that are in stock in our wellness center may incur shipping for a medium flat rate USPS box.  We may also have clinic suppliers drop-ship items directly to the client as a convenience to our clients.

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