Qest4 Comprehensive Initial Bio-Energetic Rebalancing Scan

At Purely Living Wellness we recognize the science of the energetic body, and utilize the Qest4 system, to energetically identify the root cause of one’s health challenges. The Qest4 combines the technologies of bio-feedback, thermal scanning, and frequencies or signatures. It takes into account an individual’s algorithms – and thereby determines imbalances within the body, removing practitioner bias. This holistic approach is non-invasive and has proven to be quite effective in treating a variety of imbalances experienced by our clients, from chronic pain to deep-rooted GI issues, skin conditions, anxiety, A-fibrillation, brain fog, and more. People and pets benefit from Qest4 Bio-Energetic Testing and customized energetic rebalancing remedy. We firmly believe that our bodies are designed to re-ease into balance when we address factors prohibiting optimal health at the cellular, and energetic levels.

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The Qest4 bio-energetic system directs a series of scans for each individual and creates a remedy that assists the body in neutralizing non-beneficial imbalances (such as miasms) and amplifying beneficial signatures (such as the metabolism of vitamins and minerals) utilizing the DNA of hair and nails. 

The Comprehensive Rebalancing complete scan set includes:

  1. Comprehensive/causal chain scan and all scans directed by the baseline scan
    which addresses root cause issues.
  2. Main Body Informational Scan (identifies energetic imbalances of amino acids, enzymes, hormones, vertebrae, etc).
  3. Optimal supplement scan (What is your body asking for? Frequencies/signatures of all supplements determined in the scan are imprinted into customized drops to benefit the client. Items with a very high score would help the client rebalance more quickly if purchased separately.)
  4. Individualized bottle of energetic drops, imprinted with signatures/frequencies
    gathered specifically from your scan.
  5. Follow up email, sent within 48 hrs.after the appointment, with PDF attached
    reports and recommendations.
  6. 30 minutes of post-follow up Q&A via phone or e-mail, billed at $75/hour

Please note that all scans are a treatment in of themselves, and include customized drops to be taken under the tongue. Upon request, imprints may be programmed into quartz, which is then dropped into a water bottle and agitated before drinking from the vessel. The imprints will contain all the frequencies/signatures determined in the set of scans.

After the initial scan the cost of a rescan will vary depending upon the amount of information you are wanting and the time it takes us to compile your report. Costs vary from $125 to $250.


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Addiction / Detox, Allergies, Animals, Anxiety, Cancer, Chronic Conditions, Circulation/Lymphatic, Depression, Diabetes, Hormones, Infection / Inflammation, Pain, Sleep Dysfunction, Weight Issues

Shipping Policy

Client is responsible for shipping expenses, including postage to mail intake form and DNA to Purely Living Wellness, and shipment of imprinted balancing remedy, and up to three additional tinctures in a small flat rate shipping box (2020 cost is $8.30).  Individuals who may need supplements that are in stock in our wellness center may incur shipping for a medium flat rate USPS box.  We may also have clinic suppliers drop-ship items directly to the client as a convenience to our clients.

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