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At Purely Living Wellness we recognize the science of the energetic body, and utilize the Qest4 system to energetically identify the root cause of one’s health challenges. Often these challenges are due to toxins- whether environmental/physical, emotional and even spiritual.  The toxic burden scan will list and prioritize the various categories of toxins, allowing the client to determine a direction for their own personal journey to restore balance within.

The Qest4 combines the technologies of bio-feedback, thermal scanning, and frequencies or signatures. It takes into account an individual’s algorithms – and thereby determines imbalances within the body, removing practitioner bias.

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10% off the Qest4 Comprehensive Complete Scan Set, not to be combined with any other offer. 10% discount is also offered to seniors 62+ and military veterans.

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This scan is a wonderful introduction to the alternative holistic practice of bio-energetic medicine, often described as the future of modern medicine.  We are exposed to many toxins daily:

– Food Sensitivities   /  Viral  / Chemical  /  Fungal  /  Mycotoxins  /  Heavy Metals  /  Geopathic  /  Emotional   /  Spiritual

As an example, a food sensitivity is not the same as a food allergy, but sensitivities can contribute to silent inflammation within the body. The toxic burden scan will rate the various burdens on a scale from 1-10, and also designate which are most physically present.  This information helps provide the client direction for their next step in their own wellness journey.

This service is offered virtually/quantumly and can be completed with the client’s full name and date of birth. This is a complimentary option with your free initial consultation. When complete, the client will receive a PDF with their toxic burden level listing.

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Client is responsible for shipping expenses, including postage to mail intake form and DNA to Purely Living Wellness, and shipment of imprinted balancing remedy, and up to three additional tinctures in a small flat rate shipping box (2020 cost is $8.30).  Individuals who may need supplements that are in stock in our wellness center may incur shipping for a medium flat rate USPS box.  We may also have clinic suppliers drop-ship items directly to the client as a convenience to our clients.

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