Purposeful Passionate Life and Work Mastery

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Scientific Hand Analysis is a neurotechnology used to help you identify your life purpose, special talents, and blind spots. With action, it is life-changing! Jayne uses it as her initial coaching assessment tool to help her and her clients identify and achieve specific goals.  This coaching program is offered by Master Scientific Hand Analyst, Jayne Sanders, who is also a Purpose, Law of Attraction, and Spiritual Life Coach.

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Jayne is a Purpose, Law of Attraction, and Spiritual Life Coach, and uses all of her coaching expertise with every client. By working with her twice a month for 7 months (first month is dedicated to your full hand analysis and early integration), you can:
– Discover your innate purpose, special talents, and blind spots.

– Live more authentically with joy and fulfillment, in alignment with who you truly are.
– Receive guidance and direction on applying and manifesting your purpose and passions.
– Feel more joy and passion in your life after only a couple sessions!
– Become a more effective leader and manager.
– Improve your personal and business relationships.
– Make real and positive changes in your life.
– Develop a plan with specific steps to take to help you achieve these goals.
– Have more confidence, energy, motivation, and peace of mind.
– Increase control over your life, schedule, and unexpected transitions.
– Get clearer focus and direction for easier, more effective choices and decisions.
– Experience A LOT more fun and joy in your life.
– Stay on track and focused, with accountability for your progress and future.
– Increase productivity and reduce stress.
– Receive objective perspective and candid feedback, input, and guidance.
– Achieve the results you crave!

See details here: https://www.purposewhisperer.com/jaynecoaching/; please reach out with any questions and book 30 minutes here jaynecalendar.com

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Condition, Issue, or Need

Abundance, Accountability, Business Coaching, Career, Changing Habits, Child Loss, Communication, Confidence, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, Doubt, Emotional Intelligence, Empowerment, Environment, Executive Coaching, Feeling Stuck, Finances / Money, Finding Yourself, Focus, Fulfillment, Goal Setting, Home/Work Environment, Inspiration, Intimacy, Joy, Law of Attraction, Life Balance, Life Purpose, Life Transition, Limiting Beliefs, Meditation, Mood, Motivation, Performance, Relationships, Resilience, Self-Care, Self-Esteem, Self-Sabotage, Spirituality, Stress, Success / Leadership, Tension, Values, Working from Home, Worry

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HLM Categories

Leadership/Success, Life Tools/Misc, Spirituality/New Age

Points to Redeem

350 Points

Length of Program

7 months, Add 1 month

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FORMAT:  Individual 1:1 coaching sessions

INDIVIDUAL 1:1 COACHING: Twice monthly sessions for 1:1 coaching based on the Scientific Hand Analysis


ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: A Scientific Hand Analysis will be prepared in the first month


PROVIDER WEBSITE: https://www.purposewhisperer.com/

About Jayne

Where are you relevant to truly loving your life and your work?
On fire?
Not even close?
How can you tell?
By how you feel, and by the level of joy and success in your life, business or work.

On fire = inspired, joyful, on track, guided, taking action, money rollin’ in, feeling successful and confident!
So-so = doubting, overwhelmed, lacking clarity, something still missing, money inconsistent and sort of meh
Not even close = life complications, feeling blah and uninspired, little passion or joy, often not enough income or your income doesn’t fill the void

Who are you?
You are committed to making the difference you are meant to make in the world. You want to feel inspired, directed, on-track, joyful and successful.
You are tired of blowing in the wind, waiting for something to change, trying to figure it out yourself, or hoping for the perfect solution, transformation or clients to fall into your lap.
You want one and often more than one of the following desires:
– I want to make the difference I am meant to make, and love doing it.
– I want to improve my confidence, boundaries, and self-worth.
– I want to enjoy my life more and get off the hamster wheel
– I want help prioritizing and achieving my goals.
– I want to make sure my work is in alignment with my purpose and gifts.
– I want help clearing obstacles keeping me from the joy, abundance, and fulfillment I crave.
– I need to take better care of myself.
– I want help making life easier and less stressful.
– I know I do better with accountability, guidance, and consistent support.
– I just want to love my life and my work!

Even the ‘on-fire’ group knows they can’t do it alone.
Embracing your power involves asking for help, taking action, and going for it! It will not ‘just happen.’

What kind of purpose-seekers are the right fit for my Purposeful Passionate coaching work?
I look for action-takers and people who will be fun to work with. Add two more criteria, you need to be excited, and a little scared too, about commencing this work! (If you’re not a little nervous about it, it’s not a big enough commitment to motivate you to action and transformation.) I truly do not offer coaching to everyone, this page can only be accessed when I provide the link. I want a win-win! A partnership with clients who will do the work, because that’s how the results are created.

You will notice significant changes in your clarity, passion, and joy after only 1-2 sessions! And I always can identify at least one ideal purpose work option for you, an expression of your purpose that makes the difference you are meant to make while experiencing the joy and fulfillment you desire, if that is one of your goals. Many experience increased business success, better relationships, more fun and happiness!

Sometimes that involves small changes, sometimes a big change. And always my work involves guidance, support through challenges, clarity, goal-achievement, inspiration, strategies and tactics, The Law of Attraction principles and rituals, life coaching support, and accountability. And for sure, love and connection.

This is a partnership between me and you…I assign several in-depth introspective activities that give me background and foundation, also activities specifically customized for your goals and passion-filled life. Then I combine all that with your hand analysis input and my intuition, to address the desires and issues you want to focus on and resolve, ranging from more business success, to highly effective accountability and direction, to bringing in more fun and joy, to identifying options for your ideal work and how to work through student paths to get there!

Below I’ve described the deliverables, but here’s what you really get:

You are investing in A new future. ALL of my coaching expertise, the books I’ve read, the classes I’ve taken, the certifications I have earned, the workshops I’ve attended, the coaching I have personally experienced… everything I’ve done to develop the expertise and intuition I have… because I will be bringing all that to the table.

You are investing to move away from those yucky feelings…overwhelm, lacking success, boredom, off-track, procrastination, feeling stuck, burnt out, financial struggle, unfulfilled, maybe like something is missing…

You are investing for transformation, greater joy, confidence, fulfillment, success, and passion in your life and work.

You are investing for community…supportive, loving, safe, like-minded community and connection that’s hard to find and wonderful to experience. ‘Cuz for sure I get emotionally invested with you! I want you to win, to achieve the goals, the life, the fulfillment you desire. I fight for you, laugh and cry with you, and give my all for you.

You are investing to stop wasting time and money trying to figure it out yourself in a vacuum, and to see significant positive results and change within a few months.

You are investing for the truth, for guidance, accountability, profound insight, and results. Along with Law of Attraction learning and a better life as well.

By working with Jayne, you can…

Live more authentically with joy and fulfillment, in alignment with who you truly are.
Receive guidance and direction on applying and manifesting your purpose and passions.
Feel more joy and passion in your life after only a couple sessions!
Become a more effective leader and manager.
Improve your personal and business relationships.
Make real and positive changes in your life.
Develop a plan with specific steps to take to help you achieve these goals.
Have more confidence, energy, motivation, and peace of mind.
Increase control over your life, schedule, and unexpected transitions.
Get clearer focus and direction for easier, more effective choices and decisions.
Experience A LOT more fun and joy in your life.
Stay on track and focused, with accountability for your progress and future.
Increase productivity and reduce stress.
Receive objective perspective and candid feedback, input, and guidance.
Achieve the results you crave!

About Jayne …
Jayne has over 25 years of corporate sales, marketing, and speaking experience, most as the founder of her own successful consulting and speaking firm. Her education includes undergraduate studies in business, communication, and psychology, and an MBA in marketing.

Throughout her career, she has mentored and coached executives, employees, clients, and peers. Fueled by the results that clients experienced, she developed systems and processes to help people identify goals and create action plans in every key area of their lives. Jayne applies mentoring, personal reflection activities, insightful and thought-provoking questioning, behavior modification, goal-setting, action plans, follow-up systems, the Law of Attraction, and other techniques in assisting clients.

Jayne’s process is highly intuitive and is tailored to the specific situation and objectives of each client. She develops a mutually beneficial and enjoyable collaboration based on authenticity, trust, confidence, clear communication, and a heartfelt desire to make a positive, deep, and sustainable difference.

Various respected coaches, mentors, personality assessments, and of course her own independently conducted hand analyses describe Jayne (selecting the words most meaningful to her current and future clients) as avant-garde, a visionary leader, a gifted problem-solver, wise, compassionate, gracious yet direct, loving, expressive, fun, forward-thinking, independent, a spiritual teacher, a sage, intuitive, powerful, courageous, precise, fiercely protective, highly intelligent, authentic and candid, and a shamanic healer.

With roots in executive coaching, which stem from techniques developed in management consulting and leadership training, Jayne’s transformational coaching practice also draws from a wide variety of disciplines, including hand analysis, sociology, psychology, career counseling, mentoring, and numerous other types of consultative applications.

She mentors and guides her clients by using tremendous courage, insightful intuition, and proven processes for helping people discover and live their purpose, authenticity, and passions for more success, joy, and fulfillment.

Purpose and passions go hand-in-hand…the more clear you are on your values and passions, the easier and more likely it is that you will live your purpose with joy, fulfillment, and success. Living your passions taps into your innate courage and builds your confidence, in turn giving you even more courage to take action, work on your challenges revealed in your hand analysis, and manifest your authentic and purposeful life.

Many of Jayne’s hand analysis clients retain her to help them navigate through their lessons and challenges and into their life purpose for a more meaningful, successful, and joyful life. WOO-HOO!


“Thank you, Jayne for your work with me around aligning with my life purpose. In the 6 months we worked together, you have helped me make a great leap. My one year goals were accomplished in less than 90 days. Achievements I couldn’t imagine possible are now part of my life. Our work together was of the utmost success. I am eternally thankful.”
– Sheri Taber

“I feel really good about achieving the goals I set out to achieve from your coaching service. You have no idea how much our conversations and the ‘homework’ meant to me and I feel very blessed to have spent time with you as you shared your wisdom and insight to help me find my true purpose. Through our sessions you truly helped me bring clarity to who I am and how to gracefully transition into this new phase of my journey through life. I can’t wait to get a move on and make it all happen. Take care and from the bottom of my heart – thank you!”
– Cheryl Shipe

“Feeling stuck? In a rut? Missing your mojo? Call Jayne! Simply put, Jayne is a miracle worker. If you put in the effort, she will teach you how to transform your life. Jayne gives you the tools to help you and they apply to every facet of your day-to-day, be it your career, personal relationships, or life goals. With Jayne’s help, I have been able to move forward and accomplish things that I thought were no longer possible. I achieved my goals after just three sessions and used the remaining time to set new goals – and achieved them, too! I will be forever grateful to Jayne for showing me how to help myself. New opportunities continue to open up for me, all because Jayne showed me the way.”
– Diane Exline

“My coaching with Jayne was the single most powerful coaching program I have ever experienced. As someone who appreciates the power of hiring a coach, I have been in coaching for years, yet my sessions with Jayne were unique in that I saw results almost immediately. By the 2nd session it became very clear what my life’s purpose was and how to make it a reality. If you do nothing else this year, find and live your purpose by working with Jayne!”
– Karina Christensen

“I decided that I wanted to work with Jayne to have clarity and power in the next phase of my life journey after a few years of working hard and yet still feeling lost and unfulfilled. In the seven months that I worked with Jayne, I came to really appreciate my life journey, own my gifts, and try so many new things that I have thought about but never tried due to overthinking. I worked on creating daily habits / rituals that have become the foundation to rebuild my life. I now experience joy and power in taking on new challenges in my life. I have gotten clearer about my life’s expression. I got my confidence back. Moving forward, I can walk my life journey having more belief, joy and fulfillment. Although I dealt with some difficult stuff, I still felt light throughout the journey with Jayne. It almost feels like magic happened! I can’t thank Jayne enough!”
– Gao Jiayi

“Thank you Jayne for your incredible insight, which allowed me to open up thoughts and action for me to continue to grow. I am truly stronger and doing amazing work again because of what you showed me to build on. I feel blessed we met!”
– Elaine

“After working with Jayne the positive changes I experienced filled an entire page! I took action on her guidance and things just started popping! The Law of Attraction is amazing if you work it, I attracted so many people and positive ‘coincidences’ into my life. I was able to make a huge career decision, get a new job, have more fun, start dating again, and I am at greater peace and appreciate who I am and my gifts more than ever before. Thank you Jayne for supporting and guiding me, always believing in me, and helping me take the actions that have changed my life!”
– Erin Kavaney

“My hand analysis and coaching sessions with Jayne transformed my thoughts about myself and my life’s work and introduced me to new tools to keep me in line with my life’s purpose. I can now see myself at my “soul” level and the insights have allowed me to let go of my fears, doubts and insecurities caused by my own critical judgments generated by external factors. I highly recommend Jayne and the Hand Analysis process – it was the most accurate, concise and direct set of answers to questions about myself I have been trying to answer for years. It truly was liberating!”
– Michelle Myers

“Jayne you changed my life! I am more confident and found my dream job. I’m physically and mentally healthier and finally feel proud about what I am doing for a career and proud of the person I am. I can see when I’m on the student path and can make adjustments. I’m more dedicated to my passions which feeds my soul! Your process is meaningful, organized, and you continue to be so incredibly supportive. You were phenomenal!”
– Leslie Scotland-Stewart

“I wish I could put into words how grateful I am for all of the coaching, hand analysis and guidance. Thank you Jayne, for your encouragement and for believing in me. You have helped me peal back many layers and re-discover many passions….and now purpose! I am taking action, getting results already, and feeling more passion than I have felt in a very long time.”
– Andy Gucciardo

“Working with Jayne for several months this year has helped me in many ways. I am more passionate about life and my work. Perhaps my biggest joy has come from consciously understanding and embracing my true gifts and talents. My clarity of purpose has manifested itself in additional business clients. I feel more connected both internally and externally. Jayne is a real joy to work with, and her encouragement and support have helped me to move forward with confidence in my purpose.”
– Rick Arthur, CFO

Many more client comments at https://www.purposewhisperer.com/client-raves/

Appointment Info


  • If you fail to show up for a scheduled appointment or fail to cancel an appointment within 48 hours of your appointment, you may forfeit points associated with the missed appointment.  While best efforts on the part of the network provider or PathFinder to re-schedule are encouraged, they are under no obligation to do so.


  • All program selections are final after a three (3) business day grace period after which all associated points are forfeited in the event of cancellation.  Business days is defined as Monday-Saturday with Sundays and national holidays excepted.
  • Cancellations must be in writing via the email address on your membership record with You Define Wellness and sent to info@YouDefineWellness.com prior to the end of the cancellation period indicated above.
  • Most coaching programs require a commitment of several months and this is to ensure you get the desired result(s) out of the program you selected.  If you decide to cancel this program prior to fulfillment of the commitment you are making, we ask that you first have a conversation with your coach and/or your Wellness PathFinder.  You Define Wellness will work with you to find a program that meets your needs.
Policies listed here take precedence but do not necessarily supersede established policies of the You Define Wellness network provider for their practices.

Shipping Policy

My work is done remotely on Zoom and recorded, no commute. I have clients all over the world. I use USPS to mail handprint kits to clients.

Refund Policy

No refunds once hand analysis is done (and no one has ever asked for one. With coaching, if client quits for any reason, no refund. If I quit, I will refund amortized value of remaining sessions less cost of upfront work.

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