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Property Clearing – Akashic Reading and Clearing

Clean up the environmental energy of your home, apartment, office or land. Many clients are realtors who know fresh energy is paramount when buying and selling property. Using the Records, the energy frequency is measured in living spaces and land.

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The earth has been around for a long time and one piece of land may have many different uses throughout ages. It’s important to know old energies from the past are not transferred to the new owner. Earthbound spirits or old negative practices can leave a most uncomfortable feeling around or on the land. When the property is cleared and blessed, light shields are placed to allow only the love frequency in for the good health of all concerned.

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Anxiety, Confidence, Depression, Fear / Panic, Feeling Stuck, Finding Wellness Path, Finding Yourself, Intention Setting, Self-Care, Spirituality

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Please note that readings are for entertainment purposes only. Sharon Caren of Sharon's Unique Spirit is not a licensed physician. Any recommendations that come from a reading around health should be consulted with your primary care doctor if needed. Readings are of a spiritual nature, and sound judgment should be made when choosing how to carry out your guidance. Sharon Caren is in no way responsible for your actions. Participation in a reading is voluntary.

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