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Pediatric Initial Consultation & Acupuncture Treatment

Initial appointments are 90 minutes and include intake, consultation and treatment.

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Has your child been diagnosed with allergies? Are digestive problems affecting your child’s physical and mental health? Has a sports injury sidelined your child from the action? Then is’t time to give acupuncture and Chinese medicine a try.

Acupuncture is typically associated with the use of needles, and the general consensus might be that kids and needles don’t mix. However, the field of acupuncture includes a variety of treatment methods not involving needles that are highly effective when applied to children. Massage by hand or with pediatric hand tools, vibrating point activators, suction cups, moxibustion and herbal medicine are some of the techniques used to affect acupuncture points in place of needles. And surprisingly, many kids do just fine with needles!

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Allergies, Anxiety, Digestion, Headaches, Nutrition, Pain, Pediatrics / Kids, Sleep Dysfunction, Stress

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