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According to Willis Towers Watson’s 2017 Global Benefits Attitude Survey, 66% of employees need help from their employer in selecting programs to live a happy, healthy & thriving life.  We can help.

Only $146 per enrolled employee, per month.

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Our approach to workplace wellness is revolutionary: we believe in supporting employees however they define wellness.

Our employee benefit program includes the following:

  • All employee wellness survey to determine group monthly wellness talks ($6,150 value!) 
  • Bi-annual Individual Wellbeing Assessment for each enrolled employee;
  • Quarterly one-on-one coaching with a certified Wellness PathFinder to support the employee on their healthy living journey;
  • Monthly wellness session of choice for each enrolled employee from our network of vetted health & wellness professionals (an additional fee at time of service may apply);
  • One Healthy Living Savings Card for each enrolled employee;
  • Monthly group wellness education for all enrolled employees (additional employees above enrollment number may attend for additional fee);
  • Annual Wellness Fair; and,
  • Additional benefits may be available upon request.

Our base rate is $146 PEPM based on enrolled employees.  We do not offer quoting as utilization is factored on the back end (see the Employer Guide for additional information).

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NEW! Multiple Paths Option - 1 plan, three plan designs!

Employers have said to us…

“We love the plan design, but it’s too rich for some employees and not rich enough for others.  Is there another solution?”


Introducing the Multiple Paths Option: one plan with three plan choices!

This option can be used many ways, here are some of the conversations we’ve had with employers:

  • Employer A wants to offer and pay 100% of the cost of the Basic plan for her 10 employees AND allow employees to buy-up at their cost to the Pathways or Executive plans.
  • Employer B is interested in offering the Executive plan to all C-Suite corporate executives, will pay 50% of the cost of Pathways for all other employees OR 100% of the cost of the Basic plan (employee choice).

Do you see the flexibility available with this new option?  It’s fantastic!

Due to the extreme customization of this plan, schedule a complimentary consultation with us to discuss your needs!

Refund Policy

All sales are final with the exception below.

For the Wellness-in-a-Box programs, we will refund the unused Wellness Talks portion of the plan less administrative fees within 30 days of your written notification of cancellation.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

To cancel any recurring program such as the Pathways: Wellness@Work Option, simply notify us of your intent to cancel or don't pay the next invoice.  An unpaid invoice as of its due date will automatically terminate benefits for your employees and it is your responsibility to notify employees as such.

To cancel remaining Wellness-in-a-Box benefits at any time during its 12-month period, simply notify us in writing of your intent to cancel.

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