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Are you struggling with a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue that you are unable to find the cause or solution? The reason it may be a challenge to resolve the issue could be the result of it being locked away in the past. Sometimes the issue originates in this lifetime, during in-utero, or even a past life. A Past Life Regression (PLR) can be useful in finding the source of the issue. And, once the source is identified then healing can begin.

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In our practice, we use Past Life Regression to focus on identifying the source of an issue for the purpose of healing. These services can also provide insight into connections between past lives and your current life and assist you in understanding your life plan.

The process we use for a Past Life Regression is comparable to a guided meditation. You are always in full control.

We offer basic and extended forms of Past Life Regression along with a variation of a Past Life Regression session that allows you to connect to your higher self. For more information on our Past Life Regression services visit:

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