Parent Coaching for Busy People

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Parenting can be a challenge under any circumstance but when you’re also an entrepreneur it’s more so.  Learn effective parenting techniques to improve your performance as a parent and increase your success as a business owner.

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Work with Kim, a Certified parent coach who is trained in both trauma informed care and present moment parenting. Kim will help you identify and understand challenges that you face with parenting. You will learn strategies and gain new skills while obtaining the support of a coach who will not pass judgement. Kim teaches hands-on, here-and-now tools for bringing about rapid and dramatic improvement in their child’s behavior.

Parent Coaching is customized to your family and a strength-based approach to teach parents how to give clear directives designed to improve challenging behaviors in children and youth. The service is much like a sports coach who tells a player what to do to improve performance. It is not therapy. The coaching is focused on “the why” behind the behavior and offers practical strategies to manage day to day interactions.

This program is offered for 3 or 6 months.

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