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Ozone therapy

Did you know there are medical ways to use ozone? It’s incredibly useful health-promoting therapy. The modality is for those able to come to our location in Sun Prairie.

Ozone gas or gas infused water can do wonders. We also have ozonated oils for topical and internal use.

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Ozone ear insufflation is one way to combat pathogens living on the back of the throat and boost oxygenation of the blood indirectly as the ozone (O3) finds its way past the ear drum into the back of the throat. Passive transport into the blood of the ear canal delivers very low concentrations directly into the blood stream, bypassing the sensitive lung tissue. Each treatment takes 15 minutes. Ozone ear insufflation is useful for ear infections, viral infections, TMJ problems and more.

Ozone water treatment is another way to get some ozone into the system. Ozone gas is pushed through distilled water and swished and swallowed to break biofilm in the mouth and down the throat. Once in the stomach the O3 dissolves into O2 and the lone oxygen molecule hooks up with hydrogen in the system and makes regular water.
When some of the O3 leaks down into the gut, it creates an environment that is not hospitable to bacterial pathogens (germs that cause disease) and promotes a healthy environment for the gut microbiome.
Ozone water doesn’t hold its ozone for a long time so taking it right after it’s made is important. Ozone water is effective for about 2 hours.

Ozone oils are a more stable way to deliver ozone to the intestine. Ozone is safely infused through olive or other fruit oil and put into gel caps for safely carrying ozone through out the system. We order from You can contact the website directly if you know what you want.

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