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Optimum 365: An 8-week online course


Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. God is calling you to treat it with utmost respect and care. God is calling you to be healthy.

Now you can get the Christian-based tools to reclaim your health and honor God’s call to be healthy and happy. This 8-week course gives you tools for a LIFETIME to get healthy and stay healthy.

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This is so much more than just a “diet and exercise” program. So, so much more.

Rooted in Biblical scripture, this program explains that God has given us everything we need to reclaim our health and stay healthy for a lifetime.

Find out about how to identify toxins, find out about the lies the pharmaceutical companies are telling us, find out the truth about nutrition, and finally, get some specific exercises that you can do and not be overwhelmed.

Commit to the 8-week course and reclaim your health! Lose weight, stabilize your blood pressure, and clean out your digestive system. You will honor God and God’s temple by doing so.

Click on the link to read more information about all of the modules in Optimum365, a powerful 8-week course.

Or, call Les Sparks to come and conduct the education and personal training fitness guidance in person for your family or your church! 303-981-3630

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