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Joy Moeller is the hands down leader in promoting and teaching the skill of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy. Her son Marc Moeller has brought OMT to the world launching international symposia and started many organizations across the globe. Her protocol stands head and shoulders above the rest. Our six therapists often start with this year long protocol.

This is a one-year treatment plan for people that are having sleeping or breathing issues. We use Tele-Med so there is no need to travel making it easy for appointments to be done when you are available.
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At Primal Air we follow the treatment plan recommendations of Joy Moeller one of the premier orofacial myofunctional therapists and teachers. Her organization Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, AOMT, teaches hundreds of practitioners a year. She still sees clients in her California practice, after thirty years of practice.  We use her protocol matched to everyone’s condition. We work off the strengths and weaknesses of each individual client.

The individualized treatment plan uses a series of techniques that mildly confuses the muscles and opens the neuromuscular pathways. This makes it easy to set up new habits that feature open airways, nasal breathing, proper swallowing, and surprise benefits.

The sequence starts with 8 weekly appointments, they can be virtual using telemedicine (HIPAA compliant video conferencing) for long-distance clients. Then you’ll graduate to every other week, then monthly visits either in person or virtually.

Here’s the best part; if it hurts, we back off! This is not a sweating and feel the burn treatment plan. Muscles of the face respond to light work. We use simple tools like balloons, chewing gum, pencils, and buttons on a string.

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Allergies, Anxiety, Breath Work, Breathing Issues, Depression, Digestion, Fear / Panic, Feeling Stuck, Headaches, Mouth / Throat, Nutrition, Pediatrics / Kids, Sleep Dysfunction, Stress, Trauma / PTSD

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