C-Suite/Entrepreneuer Mindset for Acceleration Program

Change your energy, change your life. Become that better leader, a truly brilliant you. Accelerate YOU now.

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Stronger Resilience, Less Stress, Master Motivator, Better Leader
What is it that those role models we look up to have that we wish we could have ourselves?

Why do some entrepreneurs seem to have a golden touch with their business?

Or why do they bounce back from adversity so quickly?

They didn’t all graduate from an Ivy League school.

Something in them and the way they approach being a leader is what sets them apart.

Grit and determination play a strong role yet there is a growing league of super conscious leaders who have latched onto an advanced way of being a leader with improved results. They almost always say
– they are clearer in decision making
– they find greater joy and fulfillment in their work
– they feel and know their increased revenues are directly tied to their expectations
– they have time for other pursuits
– they are at peace, resting easy in a job well done
– they feel their company is their family
– they say resilience is their superpower
– and perhaps most importantly, they feel they aren’t alone at the top

To get to that kind of experience means changing a present belief system, the present mindset, to one of conviction — a conviction so strong based on greater awareness of situations and the animus of people surrounding them. It’s a state of higher frequency consciousness. It’s an expectation of goodness and abundance showing up in our business strategically, operationally and administratively despite outward 3-D world appearances that tell us otherwise.

The great ones know this and do it second-naturedly.

They have to recognize the current view of their state of business and see WHY it is the way it is now.

And then they make the SHIFT….
They have accelerated business professionally and personally.
Accelerate your mindset with the custom, all-you-need-to-know essentials to get into the fast lane of a super-conscious leader.
The C-Suite Mindset for Acceleration Program inspires, educates, and “surgically” helps develop the essential mental core practices for lasting transformation. The program has four core elements:
– Holistic decision making
– The right kind of energy mindset
– Intuition development and
– Manifesting improved outcomes

With this program, participants get:
– a custom Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment** and plan to raise their average resonating level from an ELI Master Practitioner
– bi-weekly coaching sessions for 6 months
– Heart Rate Variability monitoring and training hardware for better resilience from HeartMath®, the industry leader in heart-brain coherence
– access to core element courseware and videos
– message support between sessions via Telegram

Change your energy, change your life. Become that better leader, a truly brilliant you. Accelerate YOU now.

** The ELI is a proprietary, research-backed attitudinal assessment tool that helps you understand your strengths, embrace your weaknesses, and discover how to reach your full potential. It is a Forbes Top 5 assessment used by hundreds of thousands of companies and individuals for over 15 years. Bonus: participants can select an ELI 360 for additional feedback.

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Abundance, Accountability, Anger, Anxiety, Breath Work, Business Coaching, Career, Chakra Imbalance, Changing Habits, Communication, Conditioning, Confidence, Conflict Resolution, Crisis Planning, Decision Making, Doubt, Dreams, Emotional Energy Release, Emotional Intelligence, Emotions, Empowerment, Executive Coaching, Fear / Panic, Feeling Stuck, Finances / Money, Focus, Fulfillment, Goal Setting, Heart, Home/Work Environment, Immune System, Injury, Inspiration, Intention Setting, Joy, Law of Attraction, Life Balance, Life Purpose, Life Transition, Limiting Beliefs, Meditation, Mental Health, Mind / Body Connection, Mindfulness, Mood, Motivation, Narcissism, Past Lives, Performance, Relaxation, Resilience, Self-Care, Self-Esteem, Self-Sabotage, Spirituality, Stress, Success / Leadership, Tension, Trauma / PTSD, Values, Worry

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Leadership/Success, Life Tools/Misc

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600 Points

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METHOD OF INSTRUCTION: Virtual/Zoom, E-Learning

FORMAT:  Individual 1:1 coaching sessions

INDIVIDUAL 1:1 COACHING: one-on-one coaching




PROVIDER WEBSITE:  https://www.sipecoaching.com/

About Michael

HANGING TEN – Casually riding a surfboard with all ten toes over the front edge. The continual quest!

Michael Sipe is an ex-Navy Officer and pilot turned business owner, spiritual guru, executive coach and a surfer forever seeking out more perfect waves. He received his bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy, trained Navy carrier pilots how to land on a tiny, bobbing speck of a boat at sea at night with a 100% graduation success rate, and earned an Airline Transport Pilot license flying for the airlines. Later in his Navy career he was hand-selected to be the Commandant of the US Pacific Command Headquarters.

The ability to leverage his system integration and strategic impact talents led him to become the senior advisor to the US Government’s elite incubator engine, the Strategic Capabilities Office, where he helped lead the selection of countless technological disruptors.

His main life mission that brings the most fulfillment to him is guiding leaders to create a workplace filled with enthusiastic, eager, and empowered employees who feel connected and valued so that they innovate and achieve more profitable results.

Michael lives life with an expectation for growth and goodness. He helps the Universe expand by being a business vitality catalyst, certified professional coach, speaker, host, angel investor, pilot, engineer, surfer, RVer, nature lover, husband of an amazing wife, and father of two awesome kids. He has read and applied dozens of books on spirituality, neuroscience, motivation, and fulfillment to improve life as we know it and just can’t stop learning more.

Out of Dad’s Box is his first Best Seller book and captures the essence of overcoming trauma at an early age for personal and professional development. He shares how his Near Death Experience (NDE) at the literal hands of his father shaped his trajectory in life but yet was able to pivot away and shift into a higher calling helping people and businesses excel.

Michael also sits as a Director on the Strategic Advisor Board, LLC which helps small business and entrepreneurs scale quickly.

You can find more about his business services and connections at his website www.sipecoaching.com or at www.strategicadvisorboard.com

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