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Are you experiencing a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue and looking to supplement your medical or mental care with energy work? Or, maybe you are just looking to sustain your well-being by keeping your energy system healthy. Our Mind-Body Healing services are designed to help you address your energetic health.

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$10 discount off first visit; not to be combined with special offers, packages, group events, or any other discount. This offer is also available for college students and those studying to become energy practitioners.
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We offer a variety of energy techniques that address physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues. Energy work can help with: reducing pain or anxiety, relieving stress or depression, strengthening the immune system, enhancing recovery after surgery, and much more. Most of the healing techniques revolve around clearing unneeded or stagnant energy from your energy field to improve your energetic health.

Our Mind-Body Healing services include: Healing Touch, Body Centered Interview, and Full Spectrum Healing. Multiple sessions may be recommended based on your specific needs.

We also offer add-ons to most Mind-Body Healing sessions that include: Tibetan Singing Bowls and Envisioning Healing.

For more information on our Mind-Body Healing services visit: http://imagineifcoachingconsulting.com/services/mind-body-healing/.

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