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Dr. Nicole will help you learn how to prioritize yourself so you feel amazing without compromising your business!

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Dr. Nicole will help you manage negative emotions to improve your mental and physical health.

You will learn to:
– Take control of negative emotions like worry, anxiety or shame
– Reduce the stress caused by your thinking and manage the remainder so it is not a problem
– Align your thoughts and actions with the results you want in your life
– Trust yourself with the decisions you make
– Optimize your physical health through a Functional Medicine lens

– Weekly 1:1 coaching with Dr. Nicole (20 sessions per 6 months)
– Human Design coaching
– Twice monthly group coaching calls

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Condition, Issue, or Need

Abundance, Accountability, ADD/ADHD, Addiction / Detox, Alcohol, Allergies, Anger, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Autoimmune, Body Detox, Body Perception, Breath Work, Breathing Issues, Bronchitis, Cancer, Career, Chakra Imbalance, Changing Habits, Chronic Conditions, Circulation/Lymphatic, Co-Dependency, Communication, Conditioning, Confidence, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, Depression, Diabetes, Digestion, Doubt, Dreams, Eating Healthy, Eczema, Emotional Energy Release, Emotional Intelligence, Emotions, Empowerment, Energy Work, Environment, Exercise / Movement, Fear / Panic, Feeling Stuck, Fibromyalgia, Finances / Money, Finding Yourself, Focus, Fulfillment, Gluten-Free, Goal Setting, Grief, Gut Health, Headaches, Health Testing, Healthy Skin, Heart, Herbals, High Blood Sugar, Home/Work Environment, Hormones, Immune System, Infection / Inflammation, Inspiration, Intention Setting, Intimacy, Joy, Kidney, Law of Attraction, Life Balance, Life Purpose, Life Transition, Limiting Beliefs, Liver, Meditation, Mental Health, Migraine, Mind / Body Connection, Mindfulness, Mood, Motivation, Mouth / Throat, Movement, Narcissism, Natural Remedies, Nutrition, Oral Care, Pain, Past Lives, PCOS, Performance, Phobias, Psoriasis, Psycho-Somatic, Relationships, Relaxation, Resilience, Sciatica, Self-Care, Self-Esteem, Self-Sabotage, Sleep Dysfunction, Smoking Cessation, Snoring, Somatic Awareness, Spirituality, Spleen, Stress, Stroke, Success / Leadership, Supplements, Tension, Tobacco, Toxins, Trauma / PTSD, Values, Weight Issues, Women's Reproductive Issues, Worry

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HLM Categories

Emotions/Counseling, Fitness/Movement, Health/Nutrition, Life Tools/Misc

Points to Redeem

450 Points, 75 Points

Length of Program

6 months, Add 1 month

ESC Program Specifics




FORMAT:  Individual 1:1 coaching sessions with Group coaching calls

INDIVIDUAL 1:1 COACHING: Meet weekly (20 sessions) for 1:1 health coaching

GROUP COACHING: Twice monthly group coaching calls

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Human Design coaching

SCHEDULING INSTRUCTIONS: https://calendly.com/offbeathealth/findoutmore

PROVIDER WEBSITE: www.offbeathealthllc.com

Appointment Info


  • If you fail to show up for a scheduled appointment or fail to cancel an appointment within 48 hours of your appointment, you may forfeit points associated with the missed appointment.  While best efforts on the part of the network provider or PathFinder to re-schedule are encouraged, they are under no obligation to do so.


  • All program selections are final after a three (3) business day grace period after which all associated points are forfeited in the event of cancellation.  Business days is defined as Monday-Saturday with Sundays and national holidays excepted.
  • Cancellations must be in writing via the email address on your membership record with You Define Wellness and sent to info@YouDefineWellness.com prior to the end of the cancellation period indicated above.
  • Most coaching programs require a commitment of several months and this is to ensure you get the desired result(s) out of the program you selected.  If you decide to cancel this program prior to fulfillment of the commitment you are making, we ask that you first have a conversation with your coach and/or your Wellness PathFinder.  You Define Wellness will work with you to find a program that meets your needs.
Policies listed here take precedence but do not necessarily supersede established policies of the You Define Wellness network provider for their practices.

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