Mind/Body Alignment

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Dr. Nicole will help you learn how to prioritize yourself so you feel amazing without compromising your business!

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Dr. Nicole will help you manage negative emotions to improve your mental and physical health.

You will learn to:
– Take control of negative emotions like worry, anxiety or shame
– Reduce the stress caused by your thinking and manage the remainder so it is not a problem
– Align your thoughts and actions with the results you want in your life
– Trust yourself with the decisions you make
– Optimize your physical health through a Functional Medicine lens

– Weekly 1:1 coaching with Dr. Nicole (20 sessions per 6 months)
– Human Design coaching
– Twice monthly group coaching calls

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Abundance, Accountability, ADD/ADHD, Addiction / Detox, Alcohol, Allergies, Anger, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Autoimmune, Body Detox, Body Perception, Breath Work, Breathing Issues, Bronchitis, Cancer, Career, Chakra Imbalance, Changing Habits, Chronic Conditions, Circulation/Lymphatic, Co-Dependency, Communication, Conditioning, Confidence, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, Depression, Diabetes, Digestion, Doubt, Dreams, Eating Healthy, Eczema, Emotional Energy Release, Emotional Intelligence, Emotions, Empowerment, Energy Work, Environment, Exercise / Movement, Fear / Panic, Feeling Stuck, Fibromyalgia, Finances / Money, Finding Yourself, Focus, Fulfillment, Gluten-Free, Goal Setting, Grief, Gut Health, Headaches, Health Testing, Healthy Skin, Heart, Herbals, High Blood Sugar, Home/Work Environment, Hormones, Immune System, Infection / Inflammation, Inspiration, Intention Setting, Intimacy, Joy, Kidney, Law of Attraction, Life Balance, Life Purpose, Life Transition, Limiting Beliefs, Liver, Meditation, Mental Health, Migraine, Mind / Body Connection, Mindfulness, Mood, Motivation, Mouth / Throat, Movement, Narcissism, Natural Remedies, Nutrition, Oral Care, Pain, Past Lives, PCOS, Performance, Phobias, Psoriasis, Psycho-Somatic, Relationships, Relaxation, Resilience, Sciatica, Self-Care, Self-Esteem, Self-Sabotage, Sleep Dysfunction, Smoking Cessation, Snoring, Somatic Awareness, Spirituality, Spleen, Stress, Stroke, Success / Leadership, Supplements, Tension, Tobacco, Toxins, Trauma / PTSD, Values, Weight Issues, Women's Reproductive Issues, Worry

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