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Michelle Jolly

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Michelle Jolly has 20 years of experience using multiple modalities to work on her personal health concerns and for the prevention of future health issues. In 2016 she received her Health Coaching certification and now is partnering with clients to put them on their best path to creating a life they fully enjoy in a body that is able to do all they want to do and more.

Each person is unique so one path to wellness doesn’t work for everyone.  She can get you on the right path that you will discover together.

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There is Hope Despite All Your Stress and Overwhelm

You may think “having a life you love” is not possible with all you have going on in your life and with health conditions that are holding you back from doing what you really want to do.

God has your back and so do I.  Together, we will get you back on track to the life that you deserve and that God has intended for you.

Find Your BEST Path

After you take the Assessment, we go a little deeper to clarify your needs and goals, and then together, we discern the best course for an initial and long term game plan.

This will give you clarification on which healers will move the needle the most for your particular conditions. This way, you get the help you need.

About Michelle Jolly

In my coaching, I partner with clients to look at the big picture of their life.  Everything in your life affects your health so we can’t leave anything out when looking to find healing for current conditions or maintaining a body and lifestyle that will allow you to live life to the fullest, well into old age.

Choosing to take the WellBeing Assessment and work with a Pathfinder is a great first step on your path to optimal health.  As a health coach, I will ask you the tough questions to help you realize what your body, mind, and spirit really need to achieve your health and life goals.

I’m excited to get you started on your path of discovery to find new ways to overcome or prevent health issues and find joy in life again!  Email me at

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