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If you’re looking for a way to reduce pain and speed up your recovery, check out the intelligent light therapy product from DNA Vibe!  I’m a customer and can’t say enough about it!

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My Personal Testimonial:

2021 has not been kind to me with a series of injuries.  First it was dislocating my shoulder and tearing my bicipital tendon in February.  A month later in March, another fall landing on my knees and injuring my ankle.  Three months later on the 4th of July I slipped and jammed my finger. (In case you’re wondering, we’ve figured out what was causing all the falls so let’s not focus on that).

Here I am over three months after the last injury and the only lingering pain I have is the blasted finger.  In fact, it seems to want to be permanently disfigured! See the curvature in my ring finger? That’s the closest to flat I can get and boy-oh-boy is it still painful!

I’ve been using the DNA Vibe for only three days and the pain was noticeably reduced after the FIRST 20-minute session.  And the swelling – that hasn’t gone down for three months – is less… I might actually be able to get my wedding ring back on soon!

I’m not a health professional, I’m a reformed insurance agent and the founder of You Define Wellness.  When I find something that works for me, I HAVE to share it with others.  If you’re dealing with pain, try this out.  I’m loving what it’s doing for me already!

As a side note, the delivery presentation is amazing too!  If you’re looking for a gift item, this won’t disappoint.


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