Living and Leading from your Soul’s Compass

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Every one of us has a Soul Purpose, a Sacred Assignment here on this planet. STOP spending so much energy visioning the future or wishing for a life other than the one you have.

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Every one of us has a Soul Purpose, a Sacred Assignment here on this planet. Once you know what your Sacred Assignment is and use that assignment as your compass you are more able to make aligned choices in work, relationships, spiritual, physical, and emotional health AND trust your own inner wisdom from that place. You begin to say NO to what is not yours to do and stay out of overwhelm. You intuitively become more loving towards yourself and others. You lead a life led from your soul and in harmony with your own rhythms coupled with the rhythms of nature. You love the life you have, in the present moment even during difficult times. You stop spending so much energy visioning the future or wishing for a life other than the one you have. Paradoxically, when you stop living for the future, the future is more delightful, and you bring your true dreams into reality.

This is a core pillar of the work I do and the teachings I share, and all things emerge from this awareness.

In this eight session (twice per month for four months) one on one immersion, we will unearth your assignments here on this planet, connect with your wisdom and allow both to converge into a compass from which you write your own mythic story and design your life and business from a place of soul alignment.

• You will learn that you no longer need to spend time or energy trying to “find” your purpose because it is not lost. You have just forgotten it and it is time to reconnect with your soul. We have been conditioned to believe the notion that until we “find” our purpose our life has no purpose. We are going to dismantle that together.

• We have been taught to believe “Purpose” means your vocation, career, and tools but those things are just the ways your soul expresses itself to be of service to a greater whole and to sustain yourself financially. You career is one part of your purpose, but it is not the only part. Your purpose or sacred assignment is the overarching reason your soul is here on this planet, at this time and it is much simpler than we think it is.

• We have also been taught we have to find the “one” thing. Except we often don’t have “one” thing we do that brings us joy, connection, financial stability and healthy relationships. This is especially true for multi-potentiates who are not happy doing just one thing for their whole lives. Because your soul was not meant to. YOU are the one thing, everything else is an expression of your soul’s essence.

Together we will walk the path back home to your soul. You will remember why you are here, what your Divinely given born-with gifts and geniuses are, and the essence of who you are at a soul level. You will learn how to love and illuminate ALL of who you are and share your gifts with the world in all aspects of life; not just work. You will learn how to live and lead in a harmonious way with who you are and honor who other people are. And you will learn how to be in service to something greater than yourself.

“Half of the soul is here to be. The other half is to be of use.”– Mark Nepo

In this 8 session 1:1 journey we will work with ancient wisdom teachings, guided visualizations, journaling-both written and art, and daily practices to unearth what has been lost and hidden but that has always lived deep inside your heart and soul. (No art experience needed). We work together one on one for eight two-hour sessions with art, journaling, and daily practices in between sessions.

You will have email and voice text (via voxer) access to me if you have questions between sessions.

You will also receive recordings of our sessions, and audio recordings of bespoke guided visualizations.

Session 1 & 2-Connect to each other in sacred space and discover where you have been, where you are currently, and where you would like to go, guided visualization to discover your assignment, journaling processes both writing and art prompts. All of this is designed for you to find your own soul’s language for why you are here on the planet.

Session 3 & 4-
-Deeper inquiries, sharing, creating a visual journal depicting your soul self, her symbols, essences and sacred tools. Journaling around your Inner Compass and Calling Choices to what you are here on this planet to cause and create.

Sessions 5&6- Discovering your born-with gifts and geniuses couple with your learned skills and life experiences woven together with the essences of how your soul shows itself to the world. We will use contemplative journaling, visualization, and creative process plus daily practices designed for you to embody who you really are in the world.

Sessions 7&8- Mentoring, guidance, journaling and practices on weaving your assignment into your daily life, making choices for your highest good, trusting your own wisdom, and shining a light on the impact you desire to make in your world. In addition, you will learn how to design your life and business in a way that is more harmonious with your natural rhythms and release the “stories” of the productivity conditioning we have told.

I look forward to spending this time with you, so that you can vision and design your life based on the foundation of your sacred assignment, and use that as the compass for all choices, stand in your sovereignty, and share your magic with the world.

No art experience needed. There will be an art supply list provided which will be an additional cost to the sessions, and that I will keep reasonable.

Sessions are twice per month for two hours- virtual via zoom and recorded for you to review again at any time.

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